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This empty storage cabinet had been sitting in the family room for a while. 



It was missing a knob that was to be replaced by the manufacturer.  Turns out, there were no replacement knobs because the cabinet was discontinued.  (Duh, that’s how I got it for cheap.)  So, the company gave me $28 to buy new knobs!  Awesome.  The white, wooden knobs were pretty plain anyways.


I found four of these bad boys for $3 each.  (That means I had $16 leftover!)


With the knobs all accounted for, I decided this little cabinet needed some ‘tweaking’.  (Which is what I think about most things.)  Wouldn’t the inside of the cabinet look great painted green?  With the leftover knob money in my pocket, I snatched up some paint.  Glidden’s Celery Sticks, to be exact.  After attaching the new knobs, I taped off the back of the cabinet and brought it to life. 


It’s still an empty cabinet sitting in my family room.  But, at least, it’s got four knobs now.  I’m on the prowl for some storage baskets, boxes, printed paper and other knick-knackish goodies.




I’m in love with the fresh, springy green. It’s helping me forget that it’s 20 degrees outside. A little


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