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The sun is shining!  Finally!  Here are the pics I promised, ending the past week’s series:  Takin’ It Outside.  In addition to updating our landscaping with sweeping mulch beds and leafy trees, I planted a few perennials from my favorite local nursery.  I took my camera loaded with photos of our new landscaping and a very helpful nursery employee recommended perennials to fill up some open areas in the mulch beds.  (I’m clueless when it comes to gardening, but I made sure to note which direction each bed faces…south, north, etc….so the nursery employee could suggest the proper plants.)

Under the birch tree I planted a trio of knockout rose bushes.

Just opposite of the roses, on the other side of the birch, is a trio of Little Henry itea (only 2 shown in this pic).

Our happy little sunroom corner with the weeping cherry got a new friend in the way of a hydrangea.  (We’re on the hunt for some natural stones to make a rock path between the weeping cherry and hydrangea back to the water spigot.)

As of right now it has blue blooms.  However, without altering the soil, they should turn to a lilac pink within a year.

Even the Man Shed looks peppier with some perennials.

3 spirea and 1 lilac bush fill in the once empty bed nicely.

A small bed around our mailbox displays barberry shrubs, salvia and a mini-evergreen.

That brings us full circle to the front porch.  I’ve been showing you snippets of the pew’s progress…

Well, after removing the red fabric, cutting down the back, sanding the entire thing, priming and painting…whew!…it has made an appearance on our front porch.  (Thank you, Handy Hubby!)

I couldn’t find a rug quite long enough to run the length of the pew, so I purchased 2 runners from Overstock and laid them end-to-end.  I’m totally in love with the geometric print – not only because it’s modern – because it hides dirt.

The green garden stool came from Overstock, too.  It’s the perfect height for setting a glass of ice water on next to the pew.  The bright green adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral porch.

I’m always seeing flower pots lined up and painted with house numbers like this…

(courtesy of The DIY Show Off)

But that would require me to keep more plants alive, and I’m maxed out on my Mother Nature nurturing at the moment.  Instead, I came up with an idea to paint our house number onto 4 separate outdoor pillows.  The pillows are from Amazon.  I painted a border and number onto each.  They aren’t perfect…I’m not much of an artist…but you can see our house number now.  They multitask, too.  Because we cut down the back of the pew to fit it underneath the windows, the pillows serve as necessary back support.  I’d like to get a pair of punchy green pillows for the other end of the pew but they haven’t found me yet.

We are so happy to have a place to sit on our front porch now.  And with all the pretty trees and shrubs to stare at, we’re out there more than usual.

Not to mention, it’s a good spot for removing your shoes…

Hangin’ out with your brother…

Driving cars around…

And spying on Handy Hubby in the Wild.

Happy porch sitting!


I wish you could hear my squeal over just how darn cute that pew turned out! Love the pillows!

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replied on May 24th, 2010

Oonafey – Thanks! I bet it’s very similar to the squeal I held in when Handy Hubby finally set it on the porch! There were neighbors out so I didn’t want to scare anyone.

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hi – i know this is an old post, but if you see it, could you share the color of your front door? Also, is it a flat or satin?
thanks! sue

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How amazing does your front porch look?! Pretty amazing! I have the same garden stool only mine is chocolate brown and I purchased it with the intention of painting it a glossy white…but I’m afraid to take the plunge because I don’t want to screw it up! Any pointers on prepping and painting? I’m not sure where to begin! Thanks :)

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replied on June 22nd, 2011

Jessi – There is spray paint available now that supposedly doesn’t need the added step of priming. I haven’t tried it yet. Otherwise, you could scuff up the glossy surface with sandpaper just enough to allow the paint to stick. Make sure to clean and dry the garden stool thoroughly before spraying. I would think spray painting ceramic wouldn’t be too bad.

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Did you use anything to separate your (gorgeous!) dark mulch from the grass? If not, how do you keep the grass from encroaching into your mulch?

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