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I’m a big fan of natural cleaning products.  It seems I’m always cleaning up one mess or another, so I feel better knowing I’m not exposing my lil’ guys (and big guy, Handy Hubby) to harmful chemicals on a daily basis.  With the addition of granite countertops recently, I had to come up with a good cleaning product for natural stone.  I settled on Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner.

Diluted with water, this stuff works well on any sealed surface.  I premixed approximately 1 tablespoonful in a small spray bottle filled with water.  However, soon I discovered that my “granite cleaner” looked a lot like my “mirror/window cleaner” (i.e., vinegar in water solution).  For quick reference, I labeled my spray bottles to indicate which stuff cleans what.  Okay…and to make sure that Handy Hubby uses the right stuff.

I used painter’s tape (because I always have plenty of that lying around!) labels to indicate what each bottle contains: 1) Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner in water 2) dish soap in water 3) vinegar in water.

On the opposite side of each bottle, I wrote each solution’s purpose: 1) granite/bathroom cleaner 2) insect repellant 3) glass/mirror cleaner. 

Now, I can easily and quickly scoop up the cleaner I need to tackle a little maintenance around the house…without twisting off the cap to guess-sniff the ingredients OR, worse yet, accidentally spraying my mirrors with something that makes them streaky thus requiring a second cleaning and under-my-breath cursing.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the insect repellant is used outside on a strawberry plant that Layne is tending to this summer.  No strawberries yet but we’re hoping…



I use Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose and it works great on mirrors/glass – I don’t get any streaking! Just an FYI if you want one less spray bottle… which, coincidentally, I just bought the same bottles – I have had terrible luck with spray bottles breaking left and right, I’m hoping these do the trick!

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Holly – Thanks! I never knew Mrs. Meyer’s could be used on mirrors without streaking. Do you dilute it any?

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I’m curious about these bottles…Are they glass? Do you remember where you bought them?

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replied on July 18th, 2013

They’re just plastic spray bottles from Walmart.

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