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05.22.13 / Esty Crush: HRUSKAA

My boys have been asking for a plant in their room. Seeing as how things can get rowdy in there on a regular basis, I’m thinking a hanging plant would fare best.


I came across this brass himmeli hanging planter on etsy. Isn’t the design perfection at its simplest? The modern style is a nod to Finnish tradition. The Swedish word “himmel” means “sky” or “heaven.” Prism-like ornaments were originally created to celebrate the winter solstice and bring good fortune but they’ve grown in popularity and now you’ll find them all over the world any time of year.


I want air plants. Like, bad. How adorable is this beaded planter? Each bead is dyed and strung by hand. It’s sort of the modern version of macrame hangers. I could see it hanging out in a small office or nursery.


Speaking of nursery…this mobile is would be perfect for a baby’s room. It’s so delicate and dainty.

Each of the items above is available through HRUSKAA, an etsy shop specializing in Scandinavian decor. The shop’s owner, Melissa, says that all of her designs are created keeping small space living in mind. She believes everyone – even those of us not living in McMansions – deserves beautiful pieces to display in their home. True!

Do you have any hanging plants in your home? Any suggestions for me plant-wise?

images: HRUSKAA


LOVE those planters — so simple and just lovely. about airplants — get one! asap! they’re awesome!!! i recently instagrammed (mykindaperfect) a picture of mine i’ve had for 2 years — it has bloomed 3 or 4 times since i rescued it from my mom (who subsequently killed the one i didn’t rescue). despite my mom’s bad luck, they’re actually so easy to care for — soak in water for an hour every few weeks (or when you think of it), and that’s it! =)

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My sisters and I did macrame when we were kids.

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Is this a sponsored post? Several of your previous etsy posts are similar in that you don’t actually buy anything you list. I do like your blog, but I do not like reading about products from undisclosed sponsors.

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replied on May 24th, 2013

None of my etsy crush posts are sponsored. I had many requests to share my etsy faves so I thought I would do weekly etsy features. Some of the shops featured are ones that I’ve personally bought from while others are ones that I would love to buy from. I do email the etsy shop owner after the post goes live so they know I’m talking about them. Some of them experience an increase in sales/traffic after I feature them and have asked about doing giveaways so you might see follow-up giveaways popping up on here but I don’t get any kickbacks.

I always denote a post as sponsored if it is sponsored.

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I think I gasped when I saw these. So beautiful.

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Hmm, I have to respectfully disagree with Andrea. My and my friends’ attempts to care for air plants have all ended in failure. We could have gotten plants from bad batches or maybe we don’t have ideal environments for them, but the consensus has been disappointment. They need to be regularly soaked, and I found a lot of conflicting advice about it online — I was never sure if I was over- or under-watering, but either way, the little guy is dead now.

Based on your previous posts about gardening, it sounds like it isn’t quite your forte? (Don’t worry, you’re in good company). My attitude is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up if a houseplant suffers from your lack of green thumb, and if you really want to try something, go for it. Just don’t name them before you’re pretty sure you’re not going to kill them. Poor little Gustav never had a chance.

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Two plants that would be great for a boys room is Spider Plant it would keep well with hanging plant idea and it can deal with being occasionally forgotten. Then there is the Snake plant it would probably need to go on the floor but it takes rough housing well (I have one on my diaper changing station gets kicked and pulled on all the time) and it is listed as a good air purifying plant, you could mulch it with rocks to help keep the dirt in if it ever got kicked over. My other suggestion would be any succulent since they do well when neglected. You could also do a terrarium get the boys involved planting it and you could forget it for a long time, I once made one in 4-H and put a glass frog in it but the boys may like dinosaurs or other decorations.

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Wow, those hanging plant holders are to die for!!! I love all three of them!

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My son, who is 10, told me he wants a room to be like a jungle…mmkkay. And I was thinking of those hanging macramé planters and cringed, but that bead hanger…that is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing it!

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