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07.12.14 / Made Me Smile

nature walk

At the beginning of the summer, the kids and I made a pact to hit up as many parks as possible before school was back in session. We’ve hit up over a dozen so far and it has been so much fun! I’ve been giving the kids free rein on deciding where we end up with the only stipulation being no parking / admission fees. We’ve discovered creeks, bridges, stone stairways, swimming holes and the ideal picnic site. Sometimes I daydream of living somewhere more scenic, more exotic but our recent nature walks have brought on a new appreciation for this place we call home.

A few smile-worthy links from around the web…

*…and now I want to explore more of Weird Ohio.

*Hollywood takes on Cincinnati.

*Captain Pizza.

portable treehouse

*A portable, suspended treehouse.

*Ikea ranked “highest in customer satisfaction with kitchen cabinets” in J.D. Power study. (You can see how Ikea stands up to other brands here.)

*Love this look.

*Gray-green in the kitchen is hot right now.

Have a wonderful weekend! Maybe squeeze in a nature walk.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Tentsile



What a fun pact! This really is such a great place to live. Would you mind listing the parks you’ve checked out? Likely we’ve tried a bunch, but we’re always up for someplace we’ve overlooked! Thank you!

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Oh my gosh that suspendable treehouse looks incredible! I so want one!!!!

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What about the treehouse? Is a camping trip planned for an overnight adventure in it this summer? Also, there are dozens of kids’ day camps and several “sleepaway” camps across the area. I was impressed with the programs available at Camp Kern.

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I agree with Lori! Would you mind sharing some of the parks? We’ve been doing the Passport to Nature and Conservation Kids programs with the metro parks so we’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately, too. I’m always up for new parks!!

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love the treehouse tent!

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All these IKEA posts are making me even happier that we chose to go with IKEA for our new kitchen! It’s so serendipitous that I started reading your blog just in time to renovate! Plus, now when I get raised eyebrows after I tell people we picked IKEA cabinets, I can throw the JD Power survey at them. Thanks :)

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Would you be able to share some of your favorite Cincinnati parks? I love the short hikes I can find around the city (my favorites being Caldwell, Ault Park, and Sharon Woods) and would love to hear some recommendations

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What about a family trip to Hocking Hills?! I’ve only been to Ohio a few times. Most recently (last summer) for a wedding in the Dayton-Cincinnati area. To turn the trip into a mini vacation, we camped for a few days at Hocking Hills before driving out to the wedding. I was amazed at it’s beauty, and I’m sure you all would be, too. I don’t remember it being a very long drive between the two places, but your Ohio geography is hopefully better than mine!

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replied on July 19th, 2014

We visited Hocking Hills about five years ago but, you’re right, I think we’re due for another visit!

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