...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Hey. I’m Dana. 15+ years ago I had life all figured out. I was going to marry my college boyfriend, become a pharmacist, have a nice family and live happily ever after.

Well, I did do all those things. It turns out my college boyfriend is pretty handy around the house, my respectable day job left something missing, my family is nice and LOUD, and I’m still working on my happily ever after.

Somewhere between updating our starter Cape Cod (our first home) and de-buildering our boring builder basic (our second home), I discovered a passion for interior design, styling & photography and my husband, Steve (an engineer by trade), became really good at using power tools. We fell in love with all things house and home.

Then we did the unthinkable. We ditched our McMansion in exchange for a smaller dilapidated 1950’s ranch complete with termite trails in the original shag carpeting. We deemed it The Underdog and spent the next three years tearing down walls, vaulting ceilings, laying wood floors, installing an IKEA kitchen, updating bathrooms, painting, organizing and decorating. It’s not our dream house but, rather, the house in which to pursue our dreams. Since downsizing we’ve come to value right-sized living, less > more, quality > quantity and experiences > things. Although I will forever be tempted to add a new pillow or repaint a wall ;)

Here you will find in-depth coverage of our extensive renovation along with tidbits of family life (we have three rowdy kids + two cats who act more like dogs), interior design ideas, DIYs and whatever else is inspiring me at the moment. We call Ohio home, so I’m especially fond of discovering great style in the midwest. Welcome!


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