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12.01.14 / Holiday Card Idea

3-in-1 holiday card

We love our candid family photo books from Artifact Uprising so much I knew I would turn to them for our holiday cards, too. (The kids flip through the photo books on a regular basis…still!) What I wasn’t expecting was the clever 3-in-1 card design that the company introduced a few weeks ago.

3-in-1 holiday card 3

The 100% recycled 3-in-1 photo card comes as a single flat card with a photo of your choice. You can choose from more than a dozen unique designs. Each card includes a kraft envelope. I went with the “May Joy” design in red watercolor and added a photo of the kids from our recent vacation.

3-in-1 holiday card 2

Each card is perforated and can be used as a greeting card, photo print and / or gift tag. Recipients can tear off the photo square and display it on their fridge. Likewise, the watercolor font can be torn off and repurposed as a gift tag. It’s the greeting card that keeps on giving! If you have extras, use the photos and tags on gifts you’re giving this season.

3-in-1 holiday card 4

I’m keeping the gift wrap pretty simple this year. The plaid and black kraft papers are leftover from last year but I saw them at JoAnn’s a few weeks ago so they should still be available. The burlap ribbon is from JoAnn’s, too. I always have jute string on hand. I use it for everything. I can’t tie a bow to save my life so I usually resort to bow alternatives. Last year it was DIY poms; this year it’s rosemary. I had to empty the planter at the front door due to the frost but salvaged the rosemary and added fragrant sprigs to the presents for a natural touch.

Also, I really want the Australian word “pressies” (meaning presents) to catch on here in the U.S. It’s adorable. PRESSIES. You can’t say it without smiling.

*BONUS* - Enter below to win a 25-pack of Artifact Uprising’s 3-in-1 photo cards. Giveaway ends 12/8/14. Best of luck!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home. A few gift ideas for those who keep it warm…

gift guide : the kitchen


1 – acacia pizza peel – Perfect for pizza night.

2 – Thug Kitchen – Because cooking should be healthy and fun(ny).

3 – oil pourer, cruet – Hands down, the best oil / vinegar dispensers on the planet. No drips, no messes. You get a perfect pour every time. (We use the large one for olive oil and the small one for balsamic vinegar.)

4 – melamine bowl – Great for the kids’ snacks.

5 – gold foil kitchen print – Dancing makes everything better.

6 – sustainable bamboo trivets – Earth-friendly. Countertop-friendly.

7 – salt & pepper bottle grinders – Functional and beautiful. Two qualities of a perfect gift.

8 – One Pot – A fresh and easy take on comfort food. *BONUS* – Less dishes to wash.

9 – stainless steel straws – Eco-friendly. Kid-friendly. The only way our kids will drink the green juice we make.

10 – shallow maple bowl – Display fresh produce, or corral coffee and tea brewing supplies.

P.S. – Our juicer is still going strong after two years of almost daily use!

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

A few gift ideas for those of us who live, work and feel better in a tidy environment…

the tidy house gift guide


1 – heritage catchall – Perfect in an entryway or laundry room for emptying pockets.

2 – pinwheel geo box – Use it on a coffee table or bookshelf for stashing playing or flash cards. Gift it with a deck of cards!

3 – angled heirloom pencil holder – Corrals pens for grab-n-go list-making. Don’t forget the pens!

4 – easy clean corded hand-held vacuum – Great for households with pets and / or kids.

5 – hairpin magazine rack – Clever and stylish reading material storage for small spaces. Throw in a few favorite magazines to get ‘em started.

6 – steel and walnut coat rack – Practical and fun near a door or on the back of one.

7 – kraft and gold polka dot planner – For old school folk like myself. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen.

8 – power squeegee – For streak-free windows, mirrors and showers every time. No paper towels needed.

9 – printed woven storage – “I have too many baskets,” said no one ever. *BONUS* – It doubles as a gift box.

And a complete splurge for those who have been extra nice this year ;)

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

11.24.14 / Made Me Smile

blowing out the candles

What day is it? Ha! I feel like the past week was a total time warp. We returned from vacation to a snow-covered house, continued working on the bathroom, celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, cheered Everett on in a musical performance (he got to speak into a microphone and now that’s all he wants for Christmas…a microphone) and celebrated my birthday, too. Steve and the kids shooed me out of the house on my birthday. They did the grocery shopping and when I came home dinner was in the oven and a big fat chocolate mousse cake was in the fridge. They gave me handmade cards and sang “Happy Birthday.” It was the best. Really, any day that involves chocolate mousse is the best. Am I right?

More good things…

*Someone in Cincinnati just scored this MCM gem. (Because I know someone will ask, it wasn’t us.)

*I grew up living in a barn house. Inside, it looked like a typical house but the exterior was very much a barn complete with red metal siding and a metal roof. So I’m always intrigued when I come across family homes that resemble barns. Case in point.

*Seeing other homeowners’ freshly painted cabinets never gets old.

*Why minimalist interiors are good for you.

austin home tour

*This house in Austin is my jam.

*A herringbone ceiling.

*550 square feet of whoa! (Totally worth the 13 minutes if you have them to waste.)

Have a good one! I will be sharing details of our vacation along with house-related gift guides over the next week or so. I hope you all have plans to spend time with your friends and family this week!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Sarah Natsumi