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A quick update on the bathroom…

bathroom tile progress

We have two walls of subway tile! Tiling the uneven window wall was difficult. Tiling the smoother wall on the left was like tying a shoe in comparison. Steve knocked it out in one evening.

bathroom tile progress 2

Look at those perfectly wrapped corner tiles. Reason #99 you should marry an engineer.

In case you’re just now tuning in (or maybe you didn’t even know we had a second bathroom because we’ve shunned it for the last two years), this is the main bathroom in the house. A freestanding shower / tub will eventually live right in front of the back wall. We’re taking the tile to the ceiling around the shower / tub and the rest of the room will have tiled wainscoting. After much debate (I wanted tile. Steve wanted baseboards.) we’re installing the same chunky baseboards in here as the rest of the house. That’s why you see a gap at the bottom of the walls between the wall tile and floor tile.

As the shell of the room started to take shape, I got to thinking about how we would trim out the wainscoting and shower walls.

tile molding

I don’t even remember doing it but I selected this curvy tile to act as molding atop the tiled wainscoting. I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh, wait, I was pregnant. I probably wasn’t thinking. Maybe I was thinking about lunch. Maybe I was thinking about a nap. Most likely, I was contemplating how I could eat lunch and nap at the same time.

But I digress.

There’s nothing wrong with the tile itself but when you butt it up against the skinny modern subway tiles it looks strange. The profile is all wrong. And Steve and I were confused about where exactly to install it. Just along the wainscoting? Up the side of the shower walls? It would look weird if we ran it along the top of the wainscoting and dead-ended it at the shower. And it would look just as weird to have a mitered inside corner at the shower wall and continue the molding up the edge of the shower only to dead-end at the ceiling. We were at a loss.

That’s when an image of black pencil liner popped into my head. It was similar to this. I tried explaining my vision to Steve but he wasn’t catching on. (This happens a lot.) It was decided that I would head to The Tile Shop the next morning to scope out some options to help Steve better grasp my idea.

I wasn’t there five minutes before I found exactly what I wanted. Which was a good thing because my kids were play fighting in slow motion and everyone was staring. I quickly snapped a picture of the simpler design I had in mind and sent it to Steve. “Gorgeous” was the reply back. We had a winner.

pencil liner + bullnose trim

I bought the imperial bianco bullnose to match the subway tile and the noir honed somerset to tie in to the floor tile. We’ll run both along the wainscoting and shower. The end result will be similar to the last photo seen in this bathroom renovation post. The pencil liner is a little thicker than the subway and bullnose tiles but I think the difference in profile will be a nice finishing touch. I love that the single black stripe will pick up on the hex floor. And you know how I feel about stripes in general! The liner is also a subtle nod to the bathroom’s midcentury roots. Many ’50′s bathrooms boasted contrasting pencil liner. This is my attempt to bring it back in a modern way. What do you think?

Can’t wait to share more progress as we make it!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

06.23.14 / DIY Bullseye Art

Things are moving right along in the boys’ bedroom.

Currently, this lil’ corner of their room is a new family favorite. Layne requested the reading chair. I added a vintage ottoman and dresser (off to the side) for added comfort and storage, respectively. With the major furniture pieces in place, I’ve turned my attention to accessories and art. Ever since Apartment Therapy featured this home tour, I’ve been itching to DIY some bullseye art and this corner seemed like the perfect place for it.

glidden DIY

With the help of Glidden® paint, I was able to pull it off. Here’s what I did:

bullseye DIY

1 – I used a square canvas (found in my attic) and two quarts of Glidden paint in blue-grey and fire engine red. First, I painted the entire canvas a warm white that I already had on had. This step is the secret to achieving nice smooth curves in the final product so don’t skip it! (You can easily touch up stray brushstrokes with the white paint later on.) I let the white paint dry completely.

2 – I found the center of the canvas then used a pencil to trace a large pot lid right in the center. This would later become the inner curve of the outermost bullseye ring. I determined how thick I wanted my outer ring then cut a length of string accordingly and tied one end to my pencil and the other end to the handle of the pot lid. Holding the lid in place, I carefully drew a larger circle around the pot lid. I had my outer bullseye ring.

3 – For the inner bullseye, I traced around a small glass container in the center of the canvas.

4 – My pencil lines were faint which made them easy to edit and also easy to paint over.

5 – Working from the center out, I painted the canvas using foam brushes and a steady hand. I gave the center bullseye and outer ring two coats of paint each. After the paint dried for 30-60 minutes, I went back with the white paint used in step #1 to touch up any brushstrokes that inevitably made their way out of the lines.

DIY bullseye art via House*Tweaking

I decided to frame the canvas with inexpensive wood trim. I left the wood unfinished for a casual look. I think the thin frame is the perfect touch!

DIY bullseye art via House*Tweaking

Glidden paint made it easy to finally turn my inspiration into reality. The boys LOVE the bullseye art! They keep telling me how cool it is. I think the bullseye is a great symbol to use in a boy’s room without feeling too theme-y. What do you think?

FYI – Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

06.20.14 / Made Me Smile

IT problems

Lots of tech issues over here this week, including faulty wifi service at home and a bogged down server. I’ve been assured that everything is being taken care of as quickly as possible but I apologize for any problems you may have trying to pull up the blog. The behind-the-scenes tech stuff (coding, servers, web hosting, routers, etc.) is definitely my least favorite part of blogging. Oh, and did I mention Steve was out of town and my kids are bored? And that it rained practically every day? But enough whining. We’re supposed to be smiling! All the links that helped me get through the week…

*750 square feet of nothing but style.

*Stop trying to “finish” your space.

*Nate’s #1 decor tip: clean up that s#@!hole.

*How to sunbathe sans balcony or backyard. Ha!

zigzag stairs

*Zigzag stairs.

*A great soy candle for summer that’s fresh, not overwhelming. (I have it in my bedroom!)

*How to capture life with kids (on your phone).

*A funny read on writing.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back here Monday with a peek at the boys’ room and, if all my technological stars align correctly (fingers crossed), I’m starting the house tour next week, too.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Youngchae Park

06.15.14 / Made Me Smile

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I’m feeling very grateful that my kids know their great-grandparents. My grandma and grandpa have lived in Florida since I was four years old but, even with the many miles between us, we’ve always been close. The kids and I spent the last two weeks visiting them. How many Gigi’s go swimming with their great-grandkids two months after a knee replacement?! That’s the kind of people they are. They refuse to act their age and I love it. I wanna be them when I grow up.

More things that had me smiling this week…

*Fishing baskets on the wall are pretty storage for toys and magazines.

*Surprise! Nate Berkus loves him some DQ…and other stuff.

*Another bathroom with moss penny round tile on the floor.

*And that concludes the Whoorl home tour. (You must check out the rest.)

*Have you ever noticed the ads between my posts sometimes? Well, TripleLift is behind them and now I have a workspace to put with the name.

house house

*The house-shaped doorways, cutouts and niches in this Japanese house are so unusual and echo the home’s overall architecture.

*Two architecture-related books I’d like to get my hands on: A Field Guide to American Houses and The Neutras Then & Later.

*Remember the San Fran house shown in the opening of every Full House episode? It sold for a cool $3.1 million. Have mercy.

I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! The kids are so excited to see their dad after being away for two weeks.

images: 1) Dana Miller 2) ALTS Design Office