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A few weekends ago, on a whim, I hit up two antique malls (Heart of Ohio Antique Center and Springfield Antique Center, both off I-70) that I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t had a chance to check out in person until cabin fever spawned a “mama only” outing. It was a quick trip and I wasn’t able to mosey as much as I would have liked but I did manage to snap shots of the many items that caught my eye.

Do you have any interest in virtually shopping with me? Good. Here come all the things I would have made you stop and look at with me.

vintage candleholders

First up were these danish candlestick holders. I almost bought the set of five on the left ($75) but I let willpower get the best of me. The pair of candelabras on the right were cute ($48) but teeny. I had no idea where I would find such skinny candles to fit in them.

vintage tables

There were so many unique tables to be found. They had me wishing I lived in an empty farmhouse in need of furnishings. The top table was extra long with drawers. It would be family-friendly for meals, homework, board games and crafts. I don’t recall how much the table was but I do remember that I added up the cost of the surrounding chairs (also cute!) and the total for the table + six chairs came in right under $1,000. The bottom left table ($900) was so beautiful. Walnut maybe? The x-base was killing me. The industrial coffee table ($350) with a red metal base and stone top was fun.

vintage stools

I’m a sucker for stools and ottomans these days. They are the perfect piece of accent furniture for nearly any room. The top left stool ($35) was petite but surprisingly heavy and sturdy. The bottom left ($125) was in excellent condition and I loved the woven top. I was *this close* to buying the bentwood ottoman ($16) on the bottom right. The frame was in good condition and the top needed reupholstered. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t think up a spot for it in my house so it stayed.

vintage brass

Also, I’m a sucker for brass. The number five brass stencil ($8) would have been a fun accessory for a wall or a shelf in our party of five house. I fell hard for the mid century spider coffee table ($125) with a brass top. If only I needed a coffee table! It was the bomb. Probably my favorite find of the entire trip. I noticed several of these brass trays ($40-$100). They had the most amazing patina. I love the idea of hanging one or a collection on the wall.

vintage textiles

The navy and coral color scheme of the vintage rug ($125) on the left reminded me of Mabrey’s room. It was gorgeous. If I wasn’t still toting around toddler paraphernalia, I would have snatched up the clutch ($45) with wooden handles. The colors and pattern of the woven material were right up my alley. It was such a great bag but completely impractical for me.

vintage lighting

Finding all of this mid century lighting sorta made me wish we were back in the electrical upgrade part of our renovation. Sorta. These lights are great statement pieces! I could see the pendants ($100 each) top left hung at staggered heights in a corner of a room for a cozy reading spot, hung symmetrically over a floating bathroom vanity in a nook or flanking a bed. The bottom left sconce ($90) would be amazing in a powder room. The globe chandelier was HUGE. I imagined it hanging from a vaulted entry in a modern house. I couldn’t find a price tag. The wood and acrylic chandeliers ($125 each) would make great focal points above a long, simple dining table in an open living space. I couldn’t get enough of the mid century lighting.

vintage misc

I fell in love with some random goodness, too. The ¾ lb. wood dumbbells ($9) were quirky. They’d make for some kid-friendly decor, wouldn’t they? Mabrey loves to carry around my free weights; she would love these. Lately, I’ve been thinking we need more small bowls for the kids’ snacks. I’m really into indigo at the moment so I was drawn to these blue and white patterned dishes. But at $6 a bowl, I couldn’t justify them for the kids…who would likely break them anyway. The set of red and white enamel cookware ($42 for the set) was reminiscent of camping gear. If there’s  anything I’m wishing I would have bought and didn’t, this trio of enamel pots is it. Another number five ($40).

And that about wraps things up. I was hurrying to get home in time for dinner and mommy guilt was setting in. Anything tickle your fancy? My take on the two antique malls? The Heart of Ohio Antique Center was much larger and had more desirable pieces but at generally higher prices. The Springfield Antique Center was smaller with more salvaged architectural items and generally less expensive. I didn’t go home empty-handed. I’ll be sharing the things that made it home with me in another post. Stay tuned…

Do you have a favorite place to hit up for antiques or vintage pieces? I’m thinking 2014 is the year I brave the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH. Have you been?

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

I’m in the middle of some serious {a.k.a. not really that serious but fun!} nightstand styling over here. I have high hopes for a his & hers nightstand post later this week. Fingers crossed.

bedroom window tx1

We have swing arm wall lamps – as opposed to table lamps – flanking our bed and there are pretty substantial visual gaps between our nightstands and lights. To fill in {or as Emily would say, “engage”…I love her!} the empty space I knew I wanted to add framed art just below the swing arm lamps / just above the nightstands. I bought a pair of these driftwood picture frames weeks ago. Maybe months ago? Yep, they’re the same ones I sprinkled throughout the galleries in the mudroom. {This is not sponsored, btw. I adore these frames and bought ‘em myself.} They’ve been leaning on our nightstands waiting for me to make up my mind on art.


Last week whilst trolling etsy, I discovered Printwork and it was love at first sight. I was looking for something simple, modern, gender neutral and the abstract tribal patterns fit that bill. I bought two different 5×7 prints for $22 total during a 50% off sale. They arrived over the holiday weekend and I framed them up yesterday. They look amazing {!} and have stolen this week’s etsy crush spot.


The shop’s creator, Toni, is an architect by trade and describes her block print work as an exploration of scale, proportion, texture and pattern. I love the depth and imperfections found in the prints. Each print is unique and the pieces feel more alive than your run-of-the-mill two-dimensional print. Toni donates 5% of her sales to charity. Good stuff all around.

If you’re interested, there is a free shipping sale going on at this very moment. Happy coincidence. Score free shipping on all U.S. orders with the discount code SHIP4FREE. Score free shipping on international orders with a subtotal of $45 or more with the discount code SHIPFREE45INTL.

Happy etsying!

PS – Etsy crush posts are NOT sponsored in any way. I just love sharing my finds.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) printwork 3) collage by Dana Miller using printwork images

Now that we have most of our basic furniture pieces in place, I’m slowing getting around to hanging stuff on the walls. I’m drawn to taxidermy but not the moose lodge / trophy room look. I like simple vintage pieces or modern alternatives. I recently discovered White Faux Taxidermy and I’m hooked.


The items offered by this etsy shop are made with a polyresin material, making them animal-friendly and lightweight. You can choose from various animals, sizes and finishes. I like the white and gold pieces above for a neutral and sophisticated living room. Glitter bison horns anyone?


Don’t let the word “white” in the shop’s name fool you. There are colorful options that would be charming in a nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom.


One of the best things about WFT is they have a pinterest board showcasing many of their items in clients’ spaces. Do you spy the silver tabletop skull?


How precious is this nursery with the deer head? And that belly button!

In terms of taxidermy, would you go faux?

Check in later today for a sneak peek of my bedroom!

images: White Faux Taxidermy

My below average, off-the-shelf iPhone case broke a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a new one. I would love a leather one. {On a side note: did you watch season 5 of Project Runway a few years ago? Anyone remember Stella and how she always referred to leather as “leatha”? Well, that’s how I always pronounce it now. Leatha.}

trim leather

Whilst browsing etsy this week, I came across TRIMleather. The shop offers quality handmade leather accessories – everything from belts to phone cases. The craftsmanship is impeccable. The pieces are constructed using vegetable tanned vintage leather. The stitching, embossing and metal details give a luxe look.


Whenever I come across a new {to me} creative shop, I’m always interested in the story behind it. It turns out, the creator of TRIMleather is Corey Le Me, an interior designer by trade who quit his day job and decided to teach himself how to craft with leather. He says his very first coin purse was a disaster but he kept at it until he reached the high standard of quality that his shop is known for today.


Corey keeps three things in mind when designing new pieces: user friendliness, environmental friendliness and minimal design. “Easy isn’t interesting” is one of his favorite mottos.

Personally, I would love to own a piece of Corey’s work. I think the leather phone cases would be a hit with guys {father’s day gift?} as well. Leather is so versatile and durable.

P.S. – I have received a few emails from House*Tweaking RSS subscribers saying they are having trouble receiving posts via the feed. Anyone else having problems? If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what you use to read your blog feeds, I’d appreciate it. I’m trying to figure out what the problem might be. So far, everything looks okay on my end. Sorry for the inconvenience!

images: TRIMleather