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This is our main floor powder room.

Nothing special but simple and quaint nonetheless.  I’ve always had one small problem with it though.  Well, not a problem… more of a small nuisance.  Because I like things functional.  Most days this is how the powder room looks.
The hand towel is usually crumpled up in the sink, completely wet, after my boys wash their hands because they can’t reach the towel ring to hang it back up.  (That is, when I can get them to wash their hands.)  But one day while browsing Lowe’s, I came across the perfect solution.  A self-adhesive brushed nickel hook for $3.  Perfect!
I easily attached it to the wall between the sink and the toilet just above the kids’ step stool.
It looked great and I thought the nuisance was short-lived.  Essentially, there was a place for the kids’ towel and a spot for the adults’ towel.
As is pretty typical around here, I was wrong.  This is what the bathroom looked like after the first time Layne used it with the new towel hook.  (I even made a big deal about how I put up this hook just for him, right at his height.)
Apparently, he wasn’t used to hanging up his towel.  Bad habits are hard to break.  Especially in children.  A few weeks later, we have progressed to this.
But usually the towel ends up on the floor or in the sink, soggy.  I think I remember seeing white hand towels at IKEA that have loops on them to hang up.  I may break down and buy a few. 



Didn’t know this story was going to be about my kids! We have 5 bathroom sinks in this house and there always seems to be towels in them! I’ve considered lowering the towel rings before my 1 and 2 year olds learn from their big brother that “mommy will hang up the towel if we just throw it in the sink.” Guess I’d better do something BEFORE they take on the bad habit! Does the self-adhesive hook seem like it will stay up? If I can avoid adding extra holes in the wall, my hubby might actually buy the hooks! He wasn’t too thrilled a couple weeks ago when I had him lower the bath towel racks in the kids bathroom!



The adhesive hook is staying up just dandy but that could be due to the fact that it isn’t getting used much! It went on quite easily; I just made sure the wall was clean and dry. (Layne has gotten better although today the towel ended up in the toilet somehow…)

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just discovered your blog! don’t buy towels with loops on them! just buy some ribbon and sew a loop to the towels you already own!!! that way you can put the loop wherever you want and completely customize the colors.


I love your powder room! Are those circles painted on? Like a stencil or are they a tile? I can’t really tell in the photo. Thanks!


Shannon – Here’s how I painted the circles border…