...because home doesn't happen overnight.

This is me trying my hand at a little something I like to call Tweak Peeks. It seems every home I visit (whether friend, family or stranger) inspires me in some way. Tweak Peeks allow me to share that inspiration with you!

My friend and neighbor, Sarah, kindly offered up her house for me to ‘peek’ in. I knew immediately that I wanted to feature the rustic dresser she uses as an entryway catch-all.  Upon entrance into her home, you are met by this lovely hand-me-down dresser that once took up residence in a previous bedroom. 

entryway dresser

You know I love form meeting function… things looking stylish but serving a purpose too.  This dresser sets the stage for the style of the rest of the house.  Casual, rustic.  At the same time, it serves as a quick dropzone for mail/keys, a display area reflecting the seasons or family events and also as a storage piece.  (The middle drawer is filled to the brim with candles!  So, that’s why her house always smells so good.) 

A large mirror rests atop the dresser, leaning against the wall.  Leaning (versus hanging) mirrors, frames or artwork always provide a casual ambience.  The mirror allows for quick, last minute appearance checks before leaving the house or answering the door.

entryway dresser2

 A sculptural metal tray corrals keys and incoming or outgoing mail. 



At the time these photos were taken, a small pink bouquet was on display, leftover from Sarah’s daughter’s birthday party.  (She has 3 daughters!)  A black-and-white framed photograph of her youngest daughter and a large hurricane candleholder round out the display.


As I mentioned before, the tablescape of the dresser changes with the seasons allowing Sarah to switch it up at any time.  (One of my faves is when it is covered in filmy cobwebs for their annual Halloween Party!)

So, how goes your entryway?  Does it lend a feel to the style of your house?  Casual or formal?  Can it provide adequate storage if necessary?  Sarah addresses all of these things beautifully in her dresser-turned-dropzone.


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Thank you for posting this! I have a dresser which was previously in our bedroom which I have been debating usiing a an entry way table/dresser. It is quite a large dresser, but a rich dark brown wood and I think it makes a statement. My husband is not quite on board with using it there, but I think it will look great and why not use something we already have! :0) We have a pretty wide/large hallway/entry so I think it will be fine. I might change the handle hardware so it is updated a bit.

Thanks for posting, exactly the kind of ideas I am looking for!