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If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember this post where I described my frustration in getting my kids to hang up their hand towel in the powder room. 

I thought I had found the perfect solution in a $3 adhesive hook that I got at Lowe’s.

To my dismay, the result wasn’t perfect. 

Layne complained that it was difficult for him to get the towel to hang on the hook.  Sometimes he would attempt to hang it up but it would fall down shortly after.  In desperation, I turned to IKEA.  Which is where I usually turn when I’m feeling desperate.

You see, IKEA has hand towels with tags that double as loops for hanging. 

The IKEA THISTED hand towel (at $6.99 a pop) makes it a cinch for my lil’ guys to hang ’em up. 

It’s not a fluke.  They’ve been doing it for over a month now!  (I might be a little more excited than I should be.)  And the quality of these towels is icing on the cake.  They are oversized, beefy and absorbent…all things a towel should be.  So glad I purchased 2 – one is in use and the other is ready and waiting for the first to get dirty.

If you’ve got kids that can’t reach your towel rings (or even stubborn husbands that are oblivious to the act of towel hanging)…then you’ve got soggy towels.  If you’ve got soggy towels, slap on an adhesive hook at kid (or hubby) level, grab a few IKEA THISTED hand towels and watch the hanging begin.



Dana, you are so crafty, you could make those!!!!!!!! A hand towel + ribbon + stitch, stitch = done :)


Sarah – What a clever idea! Never thought of that! I saw the IKEA hand towels and knew they’d work so I just bought them then and there. I didn’t even think of making my own. (I told you I was desperate.) That would be easy to do. I may try it in the boys’ bathroom upstairs. Thanks so much for sharing!

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