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I came home from a long day at work and was in disbelief to discover this…

My beloved adhesive hook had fallen down in the powder room.  This is what it looked like a week ago adhering to the wall properly in between the toilet and sink…

My sadness quickly transformed into anger and my thought process went something like this: 

Damn you adhesive hook!  Just when I had praised your worthiness here and here, you go and let me down!  I put you on a pedestal for Godsakes!  I spent $3 on you!  I should have bought a freakin’ Blizzard instead!!!!  A Butterfinger one.  My kids were just starting to get the hang of it; we were depending on you!  You think I’m just gonna let you quit?!  Oh no you won’t!  I’m not done with you!

After giving the hook a little time to think about what it’d done, I stormed to the basement and returned with these…

Mind you, I had never used Liquid Nails or a caulk gun before.  That’s usually Handy Hubby’s area.  But Handy Hubby was out of town for the week (probably the reason why my temper was short).  I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I was a mad woman.  I tried to figure out how to load the caulk gun.  I pulled, I pushed, I twisted, I cursed.  Nothing.  I Googled.  I love the internet.  Then I pushed the little metal tab to release the plunger.

I pulled the plunger back.

I loaded the Liquid Nails, pointy end first.

I pushed the plunger down inside the back end of the Liquid Nails tube.

Success.  Liquid Nails was locked and loaded.

I put on my best game face.  Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?

Then, I did it.  I pulled the trigger.  Take that you stupid $3 adhesive hook.

Yeah, just try to come down again.  I’ll be waitin’ for ya.  Don’t mess with Mama.  Anything else in the house want to fall off the wall while Handy Hubby is away?  I didn’t think so.

To all you ladies out there… knowing how to load a caulk gun should be right up there with knowing how to change a flat tire.  We women gotta stick together.  Peace.

An Afterthought:  Handy Hubby wants me to kindly mention that in a saner state of mind it would have been more practical to use silicone caulk or just screw a hook into the wall.  Whoops.



Hilarious!! Kids loved it too!!! FYI– the sanding of the oak bar stools has begun.


Tricia – Yay for sanding! Layne and I did some sanding this weekend too…

OMG, this post is hilarious!!!

~Allison @ House of Hepworths


Brilliant! I was at the pulling, twisting, trying to take it apart stage….. cunning little metal tab! THANK YOU :-) We now have a beautifully water-tight bathroom in our little red house in the Arctic.


Thanks! After 5 frustrating minutes I searched how to load a caulking gun and got your instructions. Embarrassingly easy but not to a first timer, thanks


Thank you for the “how-to” steps and pics. I’m a new homeowner and DIY projects are brand new to me. Now I can proudly say I can load my caulking gun, next step…using it.


Thank you so much for posting this with pictures!