...because home doesn't happen overnight.

As promised twice (here and here), I’m letting you in on the final pics and whereabouts of the dresser my dad handed down to me.  For the sake of before-and-afters, let’s take a look at the original.

It had great lines but the orangey wood was doing nothing for me.  After some sanding, priming, painting, polyurethaning and knobbing (adding new hardware), here’s the final product…

My favorite part?  The rustic knobs that I got at Hobby Lobby for $6 total.  (They were 50% off!)  I read on a blog recently (I’m sorry, I can’t remember which one!) that Hobby Lobby was the place for quirky knobs.  I thought I’d check ’em out and I was not disappointed.  I had a hard time deciding on one style.

I liked the ounce of warmth it brought to the all-white, glossy piece.  Have you figured out where the dresser lives now?  I originally thought the dresser would go here…

…at our entry.  But it felt and looked crowded.  Plus, once the dresser was complete, it seemed a little too playful for our living room.  (Our front door opens right up into the living room.)  Immediately, I knew where that little dresser would fit.  In the guest/playroom!


See it over there by the door?  I think it looks cute-sy.  When I’m in there playing with my boys, I like looking over and seeing it.  It reminds me of when I was a kid (it’s from my dad, remember?).  And I love that I made it work with our home, so we can enjoy it for years to come.

It welcomes our guests to their room too.  They can set their purse, overnight bag or glass of water on it.  I’m already scheming to add fun artwork above it.  With all the white going on, it needs a splash of color, don’t ya think?  And since the dresser makeover only cost me $6 (the cost of the knobs), I can spare a little change to bring in some personality.  Stay tuned to see how the dresser comes into its own with a few accessories!


Thank you so much for thinking of your guests! I stay at friends houses all the time, and there is always a shortage for my *stuff* A place to unpack my suitcase, or put the bags from a shopping trip, or as you mention, the rental car keys.
Great job!


Eric – Aw, thanks. Just thinking about what I like at other homes I visit that makes my stay more enjoyable!


Very nice job! It looks great in its new ‘home’.

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Rhoda at Southern Hospitality mentioned the fun knobs at Hobby Lobby, maybe you saw it mentioned there? I got all excited when she said that and went to have a look, but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye. They were great prices, I’m glad you found something!