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I try to clean my windows twice a year:  once in the spring and once in the fall.  So, when we had 75 degree weather here in the Midwest last week I was happy to spend a few hours getting rid of all the grime that had built up on our windows during the winter months.  I actually enjoy cleaning windows.  It’s inexpensive (if you DIY) and it makes such a difference.  We have quite a few windows (nearly 20) plus patio sliders, so the cleaner they are the more light they let in.  And the more natural light our house gets, the happier I am!  There are a million different window cleaning recipes out there but I keep mine easy, green and cheap.

All I need is distilled white vinegar, water, a bucket and a couple of reusable microfiber cloths (at least one for washing and one for drying).  I use a 50/50 vinegar to water ratio mixture.  (You can use less vinegar if the surface isn’t too dirty.)  Vinegar has an uncanny ability to dissolve away dirt and then evaporate leaving a spotless, streakless shine.  I simply dunk my washing cloth into the mixture and give the window a good once over.  Then I use my drying cloth to wipe dry.  I use this process on the interior and exterior side of each window with amazing results.  And I really don’t mind the vinegar-y smell either.  Sparkling windows are totally worth it.

Yeah, my patio doors already have mini-fingerprints all around the handle from a lil’ 2-year-old who recently discovered his love of opening and closing doors AND a bird has already pooped on my kitchen window.  That’s why I keep a small spray bottle of my vinegar/water solution on hand at all times.  Or, I’ll just get ’em in the fall…


What a great tip! Unfortunately this doesn’t work great for me because our tap water has tons of minerals in it, and over time they build up. One trick I found is to use DI water (it’s less than $1./per gallon).
And thanks for the heads up about the microfiber cloth, too.


PS: I found your great blog through a comment you left on Young House Love!


Eric – I’m not familiar with DI water…is it like distilled water? We have a water softener to help with our hard water. I’ve also been told that adding just a drop of liquid dishwash soap to the mixture I use can help with more build-up although I’ve never tried it. I LOVE my microfiber cloths! I use them for everything. They were a gift from my Grandma who is the Queen of Clean. Oh – and I can’t get enough of YHL! They are my fave!!!

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DI water = deionized water


Brad – Thanks for the clarification!