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This is me trying my hand at a little something I like to call Tweak Peeks. It seems every home I visit (whether friend, family or stranger) inspires me in some way. Tweak Peeks allow me to share that inspiration with you!

Sorry.  I know it’s been a while since my first Tweak Peek.  Not that I haven’t been inspired by anyone else’s home.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite case.  I always seem to forget my camera (duh!) or sometimes feel a little weird asking people to photograph their home for my blog.  But the stars aligned just right when my lovely neighbor (and friend), Heather, allowed me to showcase her home.  And I remembered my camera!  Here are a few inspiring shots from Heather’s home.

Just inside the front door you’re greeted by this two-story entry.  You know I’m a fiend for useful furniture and that bench with storage underneath just makes my knees wobbly.  The sculptural wrought iron wall art is icing on the cake.  (Turtle cake.  With no nuts.)

As you walk to the back of Heather’s home, you are met by an expansive wall of windows in her sunroom.  A natural light haven…aaaahh.  Heather has them framed with two pair of IKEA’s panel curtains suspended by a track.  Isn’t that inventive?!  I love the touch of mod that it adds to an otherwise traditional room.

The way that the patterned panel is layered over a slightly darker panel allows the subtle branch pattern to stand out a little more.  (Layering is always good in my book.)  And see how the light filters through the panel?  Yep.  It’s dreamy.

Just off the open sunroom is Heather’s family room where she and her family watch TV, play Wii and dabble in a little Rock Band.  (Yes, I’ve been there for a little rockin’ out too.)  Everything from the comfy, kid-friendly sectional to the bold artwork above the fireplace lets guests know this is a fun place to hang out.  It is!

Down a hallway, separated from the open living space, is Heather’s formal dining room.  (Unlike me) Heather is an awesome – and I mean AWESOME – cook.  Let’s just call her a chef, shall we?  So, in the case of someone who actually makes delectable dinners, a formal dining room is a must.  The sparkling chandelier in the hallway draws you in and the red walls beg you to stay for dessert.  When the kids are tucked in bed, the buffet/bar opens up and can hold its own against at least 3 couples.

Upstairs, Heather’s 2 children have bedrooms that any kid would love to sleep in.  Heather’s teenage daughter’s room is young and sophisticated with a color palette of plum, gray, white and black.  Who’da thought to use mirrors as a headboard?  Genius.  And I can’t get enough of that chandelier wall decal.  The black stripe around the entire room is chalkboard paint – perfect for daydreaming, doodling teenagers to dawdle on – as is the desk’s top.  The framed IKEA prints above the desk add a splash of purple to tie into the plum duvet.

On the other end of the spectrum is Heather’s son’s room.  Caleb is an active toddler and his bedroom is colorful and playful.  The art above the chest is an original that Heather’s sister painted herself!  And when Caleb is older the changing table easily converts to a dresser.  A little personalization in the form of C-A-L-E-B framed individually and hung with colored ribbon is too sweet.

So, there you have it.  A few snippets from Heather’s traditional home with a modern twist.  What’s your favorite decor trick that Heather uses?  Mine is the layered IKEA panels.  Thank you, Heather, for letting me feature your home!  (And for all those Homeade Taco Nights!)



Wow……you’re pictures make the house look much more spectacular than it really is…….I think it’s all the colorful commentary that really takes it to the next level! Happy to be of assistance for my super creative neighbor Dana!


Heather – Thanks! Your house REALLY does look like that!


Could you give me the name of tamplate you used on your website


Gry – If you scroll allllll the way down to the end of my home page, you will find the name of the template I use. I’m not tech savvy AT ALL so I went with a very user-friendly template.

I see a lot of interesting posts here. Bookmarked for future referrence.