...because home doesn't happen overnight.

During winter, we painted our builder oak kitchen cabinets white.  


Then we started stashing cash to upgrade the countertops.  Then…I hit a road blockThen…once we finally had enough money saved for new counters…I froze.  I couldn’t make a decision.  Granite?  If so, honed or polished?  Concrete?  If so, try to DIY it?  Soapstone?  Oh, wait, we don’t have enough money for soapstone.  So, what did I do?  I waited it out.  I perused images of all my favorite kitchens searching for inspiration.  Hoping a common thread would jump out at me.  It took a while (I have plenty of dream kitchen pics to inspire confuse me) but I finally made a decision.  Finally.  


Notice a trend?  Yup.  Butcher block islands with natural stone perimeter countertops.  Eureka!  Handy Hubby and I decided on a granite perimeter with a wood-topped island.  It seems as though I have a thing for mixing materials in the kitchen.  We’re going with the polished granite after drooling over the honed finish but disliking its porous nature.  We put down a 50% deposit on the granite last week and still need to choose our slab.  But by June, we should have new countertops!  The even better news is that since we saved up enough cash we were able to “bargain” and get a great deal. 

We’re thinking the butcher block island top will come from IKEA.  They have killer prices on their wood counters.


In the meantime, Handy Hubby and his woodworking friend are whipping up a small, inexpensive extension for the island.  Can’t wait?  Me neither. 

Photo credits: 1) Rachel @ girl learning along the way 2) Decor Pad 3) AZCentral 4) HGTV‘s Style Sheet


Perfect choice! I wish I had enough room for an island. I can’t wait to see it all in place!


So excited for you. My parent did a butcher block island from IKEA, they love it.


Too funny – we LOVE the butcher block counter tops from IKEA also, especially the dark wood ones. Good luck choosing!


OMG!!! we share the same brain! You have the identical sense of what a dream kitchen should look like as i do. We have the exact same taste. I was looking around for some inspiration and i was looking for something clean, with butcher block(light wood) and granite countertops. When i found this i was amazed! Thanks for helping me get one step closer to my dream home :) I hope you enjoy you new breath-taking dream kitchen!