...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Handy Hubby, you deserve a wonderful day because…

*you’re pretty hot with a power tool in your hand and sawdust in your hair

*you’re a hands-on Dada

*you put up with the left-handed, right-brained girl that I am

*you do a very impressive Old Spice “Man On a Horse” impression

*you laugh out loud at movies

*you look (and sound) like Darth Vader when you go to bed with your CPAP, chin strap and face mask in place

*you let me tweak our house

*you shoo me out of the house when I need some “me time”

*you married a bad cook

*you (jokingly) suggest blogging about your *@!? every time I’m in need of a post idea

*you can recite The Humpty Dance word for word

*you like to see others happy

*you drive the same truck you drove 10 years ago

*you took me to the nearest hospital when I was in labor with Everett (instead of getting on the interstate to drive to the hospital where we had prepaid for our delivery…you would have been delivering a baby on the highway)

*you have a serious problem when it comes to accidentally hoarding all sets of keys to our house/vehicles… frequently leaving me stranded with 2 kids and no method of transportation to get to work

*you look kinda scary in a mullet wig

*you still tell me I’m cute

*you build some sweet stuff with Knex

*you swim like a rock

*you bought me a URL for my birthday

*you make the boys color handmade cards for me

*you never say “NO!” (but sometimes release a heavy sigh)

*you teach our boys all the mechanical ins-and-outs of every Caterpillar machine there is

*you have the dreamiest blue eyes (and passed them on to Layne) 

*you make pancakes on Saturday mornings

*you pack lunches

*you encourage me to try things out of my comfort zone (i.e., HTML coding)

*you can dirty up a bathroom sink better than both our kids combined

*you never met a pie you didn’t like

*you don’t get mad at me for painting or putting holes in our walls

*you know to leave me alone when I’m grumpy

*you nearly passed out at the podiatrist

*you wear wrinkled, non-ironed clothes and don’t complain about ’em

*you’re the reason I get to see these 2 lil’ boys play and smile every day


Happy Birthday!  Love you.



Best birthday gift ever. Love you.


i think i’m going to cry……sniffle sniffle =)


Sooo sweet! Happy Birthday Steve.