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07.13.10 / Brown Baggin’ It

I received a new lunch bag for Mother’s Day this year and it included fabric sandwich baggies constructed of organic linen. 

After using them a few times (and loving ’em!), I realized we could probably cut back on our plastic Ziploc baggy use by throwing a couple of these bad boys into our bad boys’ packed lunches.  I searched Etsy for some possibilities – and, my-oh-my, were there possibilites.  I settled on these cute-sy kid ones…

1 Reusable Organic Sandwich/Snack Bag with Truck
1 Reusable Organic Sandwich/Snack Bag with Fish
1 Reusable Organic Sandwich/Snack Bag with Astronaut
1 Reusable Organic Sandwich/Snack Bag with Pear
I told ya they were cute.  (And that baby is sweet, too, isn’t he?)  They are the Bebeloosh Mini’s handcrafted by Elena Berlo right here in the good ol’ USA.  I bought 4 bags for $25.  Each bag measures 7.5″ x 7.5″ and is made from recycled hemp and organic cotton.  They’re reusable and when they start looking a little crumby just throw ’em in the wash then line dry.  I absolutely adore them for sandwiches, crackers, pretzels and other kiddie sides.  Of course, we still use the occasional Ziploc baggy for juicer items like fresh cut fruit but I expect these Bebeloosh Mini bags to be a part of our packed lunches for years to come.  Thanks, Elena!
All photos courtesy of their relative Etsy sellers.

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These are great! I recently bought a reusable Wonder Bread plastic sandwich container to cut back on my Ziploc bag usage, but these organic ones are so cute!!