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07.27.10 / Super Cuts

Sadly, this is the only action my bathtub has seen in the last 2 years.

No bubbles.  No long soakings.  No champagne.  No candles.

I do see 3 handsome, half-naked guys in there every once in a while.

You see, our corner tub is a makeshift barber shop for cutting our boys’ hair.  Handy Hubby trims ’em up (with the drain closed) on a chair in the bathtub to corral the furry mess. 

It saves us lots of money.  Our boys are hairy!



my mom used to cut the boys’ hair outside in the summer, and let the wind take the mess away.

speaking of furry messes, i’ve read that hair clippings can be used to deter bunnies from munching your plants!


Carole – Outdoors is a good option too. My mom did that with me and my siblings! When it’s too hot (think 95 degrees), we do it inside. And the tidbit about the clippings…good to know!


I have started cutting the hubkin’s hair.. we had a problem with the hair clippings clogging up the drain. Do you have a similar problem? I might start doing it outside!


Andie – Nope, no clogging issues here. We make sure the drain is closed while Handy Hubby is cutting then we sweep up and clean the tub before we open the drain back up.