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08.26.10 / Funny Face

This doesn’t have much to do with house stuff other than it was an attempt at learning how to use my new camera for shooting house stuff.  I asked Layne to pose for me a few times…okay, maybe more than a few times.  Poor guy.  I got some good tongue shots.  In fact, all I got were tongue-out-of-mouth shots.

The Straight-On Tongue

The Tired, Head to the Side Tongue

The Monkey Tongue

Must boys always act goofy when their Moms try to take pictures of them?  As luck would have it, my sister, Alina (a.k.a. Nanny Lina), showed up a day later to play with my camera and captured this after a dip in the pool…

Just like that, the tongue stays in his mouth.

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He is a cute! It must be a boy thing. Mine HAS to make a funny face.