...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Me, today…

My computer and my *borrowed* computer are still viral.  Funny.

I’m currently taking an online blogging class with 2 corrupted computers.  Funny.

Found out yesterday that Handy Hubby gets to go to New Zealand for work.  Also found out yesterday that my hours at my real job (you know, the one that I don’t particularly enjoy but it brings home some bacon) may be cut by 75%, so I won’t be able to foot the plane ticket to New Zealand to join Handy Hubby…for our first vacation just the two of us together since we’ve been married.  Funny.

I don’t like to cook.  Our microwave quit working yesterday.  Funny.

The first week of kindergarten Layne learned the word “duh”.  The second week of kindergarten Layne learned that the ‘big booger’ on the bus seat was really chewing gum.  This week he’s now raising his hand every single time he wants to say something at home and enforcing the rule upon everyone else.  Okay, that really is kinda funny.

My two-year-old insists on wearing a specific pair of orange (he says, “ewwwnch”) shorts every day even if they’re dirty.  Funny.

The dentist asked me what was going on in my sinuses after reviewing my dental xrays yesterday.  Allergies, I told him.  Whoa…those are some major allergies, he says.  Yeah, tell me ’bout it.  Funny.

I realize that things could be much worse.  I guess they’d be a lot funnier then too.



Just found your blog and have really enjoyed looking at all the GREAT inspiration!! Makes me want to do some projects around the house!! (= Love the chalkboard!! So Fun!! (= Don’t you just love what the kiddos hear/learn at school/bus!!! )=
P.S I’m in the same boat. Don’t like to cook much and the microwave just went out!!!


allergies in OH are *awful* this year, aren’t they? even the dog is sneezing!

judging from your writing style, you’ve got shock absorbers to spare for the bumps in the road :)

when our Dell had a virus (during the process of updating to a new version of Norton Anti-Virus, if you can believe it!), I bit the bullet and wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows…it’s not hard to do, it’s just time consuming…the fresh start gave us another few years of use (before we got a refurbished iMac)…


It is way funnier listening to you describe it than living it! Thanks so much for the laugh and all the great ideas on your blog. LOVE you style!!! And, since I have none, I am going to copy you. Don’t worry, when the oooos and ahhhhhs start rolling in, I’ll send them your way!


Oops, supposed to be: LOVE your style!!


Are those silly bands on your wrist. That would be funny! :) Thanks for making me smile :)!


That’s strange, you haven’t seemed all that amused by these issues lately ;)


Handy Hubby – Yeah, right.


Bridget – No, not silly bands but we’ve got plenty at our house if I ever do want to wear them.


Carole – I go to bed sneezing and wake up sneezing. And those dang antihistamine/decongestant combo drugs make breathing easier but turn me into a bit of a grouch. As for our Dell…we’ve already done the hard drive wipeout and it gave us a few more months. From what I’ve been reading so far, Macs look like the way to go. We’re really trying to hold out for Black Friday.


Suzette – That’s what I’m here for! I get ideas from everywhere and like sharing them as much as I like discovering them.


My daughter still raises her hand to talk around me and she’s 29! well ok she did finally stop doing that but not until she was a teenager.