...because home doesn't happen overnight.

It’s Feature Friday! On Fridays, I’ll be featuring one room in my house in its current condition even if there are some things I’d like to change about it. If I do happen to improve something later, I can always revisit it when the time comes. Plus, I’d kinda feel dishonest if I only focused on “finished” rooms in my house. And if what they (the professionals) say is true, a room is never really finished anyways…you’re always tweaking it. Concentrating on just one room weekly should give me some time to tidy it up a bit, too.

We’re fortunate enough to have an extra bedroom that serves triple duty:  guest bedroom, craft room and playroom.  It’s a little more playful than the rest of our house.  Take a peek! 

The bed frame was actually Handy Hubby’s in college and was wood veneer in pretty bad shape.  I sanded it down, primed and painted it.  The bed linens are simple white with cheerful, geometric pillows.

The frame above the bed was actually supposed to be a mirror but it arrived shattered.  In a bit of luck, the sender let me keep the empty frame because it was going to be more expensive for them to ship back and repair than sell…2 for the price of 1!  It’s the same frame/mirror as in our living room – only I painted the living room one black and this one white.

I found a pair of metallic gold sunburst plaques at Goodwill for $4.  I spray painted them white and leaned each in a windowsill.

Right next to the bed is a long, narrow table where I sew and do other crafty things…although not nearly as much as I’d like.  I found the lamp at a thrift store and the fabric storage boxes came from JoAnn’s on clearance.  The scroll wall pieces are from local antique malls.  I painted them white…surprise!

There is one large blank wall across from the guest bed.  Someday, I hope to add family photos.  The closet is my craft closet.  See how I organized it here.  Yep, it’s still organized!

A small vignette by the door holds special meaning.  The dresser is a family hand-me-down, the baby shoe is mine and the framed quilt was my great-grandmother’s.

Finally, the play area includes a hand painted train table, a reading spot and a bookcase for toys.

Here’s my little playmate now…sans pants…

So if you ever want to come sleep, sew or play (without your pants on) at my house, you can do it all within the confines of this room.

FYI – A huuuuuge ‘thank you’ to my mom who let me borrow her computer for this week’s posts…including today’s Feature Friday. 



This room is one of my favorites so far on the house tour! All the patterns look great togerther..and I also recovered a foot stool in the same greek key print as the bench at the end of the bed only mine is green! Love JoAnn’s Fabrics!


i adore the combination of the different fabrics, all of the different patterns and textures make it a fun place for the kids, but also an inviting place for guests…it’s easy to let a guest room be too ‘stuffy’ and yours is quite the opposite!

i have a combo guest room/office, and it is really hard when guests are here, especially since I work exclusively from home these days…it makes me grumpy when I have to kick someone out of their room for a conference call! i never thought about combining the guest room with a multifunctional space that doesn’t need to be used all of the time, i’m going to seriously think about it now…

your guest room also make me want to paint something white (right now :), so watch out wood furniture and mismatched frames!


I do so love your fabric choices! Great color palette. I love the pops of orange. My sewing/office/guest room is cocoa/aqua/white with pops of lime. Such fun!


Adorable room (and adorable little boy) I especially like the plaques in the window –you’ve inspired me as I have a large guestroom and 2 small grandsons so I think I will make part of my room a play area for when they come over.


Carole – That was my thought exactly – we have guests spend the night at our house maybe 10-15 nights out of the entire year. I hated the thought of designating one room just to those 10 nights and not get to enjoy it the rest of the time. Plus, most of our visitors have little ones so it acts as a little family suite for them…playroom included!…when they stay overnight.


Hi Dana, You have a really pretty room here -wow! I am also sorry you had a bad or rather “funny” week!
Do you upload your photos to flickr? Some of your home photographs are really great and could be shared in some of the home styling groups. I am sure you would have people wanting to show them on their blogs, if that is what you are interested in. Interiors shots are hard to take and it seems you have a knack for it with these ones of your guest room. :)


Leslie – Oh wow! Just knowing that you visited my blog has made my day! And your kind and helpful comment is icing on the cake. I do, in fact, have a a flickr account but have let it get away from me over the last several months. Now that I’m *learning* ;) more about photography, I’ll be sure to upload some more photos and add them to the home styling groups. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


Stopping by, by way of BYW. You’re house is so pretty. Love what you did with your kitchen! So inspiring ideas.

la la Lovely


Found your blog through a “painted floors” search on google (your rug came up). Love your home and love your style. I’m a Tristate resident and recognized several of my favorite shopping places mentioned in your posts. I scored some great deals at the West Elm closing too (soooo sad they’re gone) and am only a short drive to IKEA. I’ll be stalking your blog for new pics and updates on your beautiful home :)


You did such a great job making 1 room have so many functions. My fav part is the play area. I am featuring this on my fri favs post (a day late).


Nikki – Thanks for the link! (I absolutely love Emily’s bookcases that you featured, too.) Happy decorating!


Janie – Glad to have a fellow Tri-stater around!


Hi Dana – I’m in the BYW class and visiting all the blogs whose Week #2 Homework caught me eye. I love your blog. It’s beautiful!


Wow! Love the room! I just found you blog today and am having fun looking back at your old posts. Have you thought about painting your momgram on the wall inside the empty mirror frame? I think it would look lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

Can you tell me the paint color you used in this room?


Allison – It’s actually Bonsai {Lowe’s}, too! I’m telling you…it can take on many different hues depending on the light and the other colors present in the room. Are you still contemplating a paint color for your living room?


I love the frame over your guest bed (and mirror in the living room). Where did you get them? By the way, we’re getting ready to paint our main living spaces this weekend, completely inspired by your gorgeous grays. I’ve had your Valspar colors sample-patchworked all over my walls for a week. Time to ditch the builder basic white at last! Thanks for the fun blog – I enjoy reading it. :)


Kim – I purchased both frames/mirrors from Home Decorators Outlet.

Home Decorators Outlet.

It’s hit-and-miss but they have great prices. I check them out every few months.


I love this room! You inspired me to tackle my own guest/craft room this weekend so thank you!


Amelia – To hear that I’ve inspired someone else is the best compliment. Good luck on your room!


Beautiful room! I’m curious where you found the long white table and the headboard for the bed.


Haley – The long white table is from IKEA {the BESTA BURS desk}. The headboard is actually part of a full size bed frame {it includes side rails and a foot board} that was Handy Hubby’s from college. He got it secondhand from an elderly woman. It was originally a dark orangey wood tone with peeling veneer. Eek! The lines were good, so I just primed it and painted it the blue-green color you see.


Hi! I just recently found your blog from Apartment Therapty, and I LOVE your taste for decorating! I love the grey paint you used in the living room, family room, guest room, etc. Do you know what color and kind of paint did you used?


Nevermind! I looked back through your comments and found the answer…Bonsai.


Love your blog!!! Can you tell me where you got the adorable red and white pillow on your bed? I am looking for something like this for my sofa!!!


Molly – It’s from an Etsy shop called be still. Maybe I’ll do an Etsy feature on them!


I have the same JC Penney dining set. I love what you did with that chair in this room (I’m assuming it’s one from the set)! I’m really wanting to recover the seats of mine. Kids and multiple stain removal treatments have made them look really worn and they’re just blah. Any tips on how you went about recovering them and what type of fabric might be more kid-friendly? Love your blog and your style!


Hey! I just discovered your website and let me say I absolutely love love LOVE it all! I noticed you mentioned the red pillow is from the “be still” shop on etsy (*btw etsy is the greatest). Would you mind telling me where the other three pillows are from? Also, I noticed in your living room, the pillows are from etsy too – what shop? I will defnitely be a regular on you blog now…love everything! Thanks :)


Would love to know the name of the paint color used in the guest room and master bedroom. You have amazing style and I love your whole house. Can’t wait to see what you do with the next one.



Dana – The guest room is Valspar {Lowe’s} Bonsai like much of our home. Some readers have mentioned it is either being discontinued or difficult to find a swatch for. Ask at the paint desk…they should still have it in their computer system. The master bedroom is Bonsai on 3 walls and the wall behind the bed is Sherwin-Williams Suitable Brown. Both are in eggshell finishes.


The rug in the guest room looks like something I might be able to use. Do you remember where you purchased it?


Sharon – The blue geometric rug under the train table was a JCPenney.com buy. It has served us well. Young House Love had the same rug {different color} in the sunroom of their first home. I actually contacted Sherry before purchasing our blue one to get her opinion on it.


HA! I did a Google image search on “play craft room” and was so pleasantly surprised to see one listed as play/craft/GUEST room!! :) My hubby and I just downsized and have rented for a year and are about to buy our next home–hopefully to stay for a while!! It will be less square footage than the home previous to the rental so we’re combining some rooms. I love how you combined all three–I adore all the white and the play area is adorable. I’ll be studying your pictures for ideas!! Glad to have “found” you!! Thanks for sharing!!


Just found your blog. I love your style! It’s simple and budget friendly. Your nursery was inspiring. It wasn’t over the top and I like that. Love the rooms in your house!
The guest bedroom is lovely. Can you please tell me where you got the brown bins for the Expedit? I’m getting the same bookcase & those bins would be perfect!

Good luck!! You’ve got a nice blog going on here.


Maj – Pretty sure I got ’em at Target. Lowe’s sometimes has cheap prices on fabric bins too!


More pillow questions!! I am trying to rock the all white bedding in my master, but am looking for some pillow shams to add a little color. Where did you find the pretty blue/yellow shams pictured here?


Molly – I found the pillow shams at a Pottery Barn outlet. They’re actually West Elm shams. They were a steal!


I love this room! You have really maximized the space and created a truly “multipurpose” room. I just love it. A few questions…how big is this room? Where did you get the long white “crafting” desk?


I just found your blog and I am seriously in LOVE with everything you do!!! I’ve been looking for white curtains with a bit of a print and I noticed the ones in your guest room. I love the geometric design they have. Where did you get them?


Danielle – IKEA!


What color paint are the walls? I love it with white and it’s soft neutral gives you ability to change the accent colors.


Melissa – All about wall colors here…


Hope that helps!


I LOVE that white bedspread. I love the texture that it has. I really love patterns and textures that I can mix and match with. Where did you get it?


Ashley – It’s a duvet cover from IKEA!


Do you happen to know the name of that particular IKEA curtain print? I’ve been looking like crazy for them and can’t find them!


LOVE this room!!!

How big is it? I have a room that i used as a guest room/workout room/ and now want to have it as my craft room. it is not that big (11 x 11).
I have not idea how I intend on fitting all this into one room. Maybe a smaller bed? but twin is too small for guests. But my treadmill is a monster of a thing.

Perhaps a color change is in order. a more refreshing color would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Oh and regarding your thrift finds — WOOW! nice finds! paint is magical! Makes it all seem like they were all meant for one another!


I’ve got my eye on a daybed with trundle option at IKEA for Mabrey’s big girl room. We’re a ways out from that but I’m always thinking ahead. I think the daybed + trundle would be perfect for guests. We don’t have a true guest room so Mabrey could shack up with the boys {on the trundle under their bunks} and guests could have her room. And having a trundle in her room would meet girl sleepover requirements as well. HH thinks we should buy the daybed + trundle now and store it until we’re ready. Hmmmm…


Beautiful! What gray did you use for the wall color?


It’s Valspar {Lowe’s} bonsai – no longer available in swatch form but they should have the formula at the paint counter.


Hi! Your room is absolutely gorgeous and I love how you’ve been able to do so much with the space.

Would you mind if I showcase your room on my blog?