...because home doesn't happen overnight.

I revealed our tweaked out kitchen island recently.  We added on an open shelving unit, painted it all white and replaced the builder laminate countertop with butcher block.

Since then I had Handy Hubby add on one more thing…a hook to hang my apron on.  We had a lone hook lying around (I buy them in 2 packs because we’re always hanging them somewhere for added storage) and simply screwed it into the side of the island extension that Handy Hubby and his woodworking buddy custom built. 

Now, I have an easily accessible place to store and retrieve my apron.  Not that I use it often…I’m not much of a cook. 

I’m hoping (and I’m sure Handy Hubby is too) that seeing my pretty apron out in the open on a daily basis will motivate me to tie it on and try some new recipes.  It hasn’t worked so far.  But it sure looks nice plus it kinda disguises the add-on.



we just cleaned out our garage this weekend, and I found one of those same hooks, also bought as a pair. The other one is being used for aprons, actually! I’m thinking of using the other one in the kids’ bathroom–they never seem to be able to get the big bath towels hung on a towel bar for some odd reason!

just saw this house tour on apartment therapy, reminded me of your kitchen (complete with a chalkboard wall with an e.e. cummings quote “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”)



That’s the perfect little spot for it! -I also have those same hooks :)


Carole – Thanks for the link…it does remind me of our kitchen…although their floors are way nicer. Don’t you just love AT house tours? The best.