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The IKEA Numerar butcher block slab that we used for our kitchen island was about 10″ too long for what we needed.  Handy Hubby cut it to size and in the end we were left with a skinny sliver of butcher block.  What to do?  We decided to cut our leftover piece in half and make 2 custom cutting boards…one for us, one for someone else.  We simply sanded ’em down and oiled ’em up (with mineral oil).  For the cutting board that we’re keeping for ourselves, Handy Hubby suggested we add handles to the ends for easier carrying and cleaning.  Isn’t he smart??!!  Here’s our new lil’ cutting board now…

 As a ‘thank you’ of sorts, I promised Handy Hubby baked apples today.  I thought the prep looked pretty enough to photograph, so I did. 

 (Notice the snazzy handle on the end.) 

 Can’t you smell the cinnamon and brown sugar already?  Nummy.  Thank you, Handy Hubby!



How does the butcher block clean-up? We have laminate counters and I’m consdering replacing them with the Numerar blocks in the future.


NotoriousMLE – So far, I’ve only had to use a damp rag to clean up any sticky spots from my kids. Crumbs and food are best swept up after they’ve dried but I usually brush them off after every meal. We will continue to oil the island countertop monthly to keep it as ‘waterproof’ as possible. If you are considering using wood counters near a sink, maybe ask some people who have them there…ours is just on our (sinkless) island. If any stains do occur, you can just sand the spot lightly and re-oil. They’re definitely not totally maintenance free but they are a great, inexpensive choice! I’m in love with ours.


but did you wear your apron? ;)

great pics of the granite countertop, too! do you love it? one of the first posts I read on your blog was about the countertop choice!


Carole – Wearing my apron right now! It was a very conscious decision, like, “Dana, put on your apron and bake something already.” And, yes, I’m lovin’ our granite. I tell Handy Hubby at least once a week, “I know it’s just a thing but I love our granite. We’re lucky.” Sometimes I just run my hand over it for fun. Thanks, Carole, for staying with me to see how my kitchen turned out!


It looks great, definitely a good photo op!


I love your creative thinking! What a clever idea! Great job! :)


I know what my best friend is getting for Christmas!


Where did you get the handles?


I believe they were from a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.