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I’m in the beginning stages of sprucing up our master bedroom.  I want something gender neutral (i.e. something fresh for me and something modern for Handy Hubby) with a hint more drama than the rest of our house.  So far, all I’ve been able to accomplish is switching up the furniture arrangement and dressing up the boring ceiling fan.  If it had been up to only me, I would’ve just changed out the ceiling fan all together with a nice, sparkly chandelier.  But, it’s not just my room.  Handy Hubby sleeps there too, and he likes having a ceiling fan in his bedroom.  So, how to compromise between a ceiling fan and a chandelier?  Why, Brangelina that ceiling fixture, of course.  I’m sorry.  Are you lost now?  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  That’s okay.  Let me explain.  Brad + Angelina = Brangelina.  Fan + chandelier = fandelier.  Get it?

Nevermind, I’ll just show you.




I thought my idea of meshing a chandelier with a ceiling fan was brilliant.  Original.  Unique.  I even told Handy Hubby I coined the new ‘fandelier’ term.  Little did I know, fandeliers are all over the place.  (All it took was one Google search for ‘fandelier’.)  There must be lots of couples out there making the compromise between fans and chandeliers.  Here’s to happy marriages…and a master bedroom makeover in the works!



LOL. Love the name! (I just heard about a ‘fantle’ this week, too!)

New follower. I love your ideas and blog!


we have the same fan, and I’m absolutely going to make a fandelier now! I’ve seen some projects with drum shades, but never given it a second thought, but this is so much more charming…

is the capiz chandelier a DIY project, or is it something you purchased?


I also would love a play-by-play of putting this together. It looks great!


Does the fan jingle the shells when it’s on? I thought about the fandelier concept (although not in that term exactly) but worried that it would make noise due to the vibration and air circulation.


love it! it’s perfect for my friends makeover project. Where did you purchase your chandy? :)


Carole – The chandelier part was a purchased product. It has no light source…the lighting is all from the fan. I’ll be sharing all the details soon!

Shannah – I’ll be letting you in on how I rigged up the fandelier soon!

Sacha – Actually, the original ceiling fan has always been off-balance…even after trying several 10’s of times to balance it with DIY fan balancing kits. So, we never turn the fan on anything higher than the medium setting. On the low and medium settings with the new chandelier on, the capiz do not ‘jingle’ but do dance around. They look lovely and mesmerizing. If we did use the high setting for the fan, I’m sure we’d get some clinking and vibration.


Beautiful change…I would think it makes a lovely sound when the fan is on, and how striking the light looks coming through.
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Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed…well worth it, but…OUCH!


I’m so impressed- never heard of a fandelier before, I think you’re genius for thinking of it on your own. Lovely!


I love, love this idea! I have been looking for away to spruce up my fans!! Looking forward to the DIY tutorial…


Tiffanee – Tutorial coming soon…

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Wow, I love this fandelier! Has the tutorial/instructions been posted?


Kathy – How I attached the chandelier to my fan… see it right here….


We’ve had no problems with it all and it’s been nearly 3 months. I’ve seen designers use zip-ties on ceiling lights before when staging a home for sale {to shorten the length of a chain}, so I thought I’d give it a try!


Amazing! So clever! Must do!


I love it!!! I just saw a capiz chandelier like that that I LOVE, but we, too, love the air circulation a ceiling fan provides. I am SO copying you! Thank you for posting this! I couldn’t visualize before if it would be pretty or not!