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Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I love a cool break from the summer heat before the winter blahs set in.  It’s the season for football (yep, I like watching football), creative Halloween costumes, Handy Hubby and mine’s anniversary, caramel apples and my birthday.  My lil’est guy (Everett) and I have been enjoying brisk morning walks in the woods while big brother is at school.

Everett insists on bringing along a stuffed friend wherever we go.  And the woods are no different.  Puppy got a ride in the stroller today.

And then Puppy was abandoned.

I took time to look up at the trees against a seriously perfect blue sky.  Doesn’t it look like paint?

The leaf show isn’t as spectacular this year.  No significant rain in the last month has caused the leaves to drop dead before they turn.  Still, I’m a little dark and enjoy the idea of sloughing off unnecessary baggage in preparation for a few gloomy months.  (Makes me want to rent a Uhaul and empty out our basement.)  And I’m fond of these Monkey Brains.

They’re almost neon green.  Disgusting and pretty at the same time.  Next time, I’m bringing a bag with me to collect ’em for a fall-inspired vignette.  That is, if Everett doesn’t throw all of them into the creek first.



Love the pictures of fall in the midwest. It is my favorite time of year too and I dont get the same effect living here in CA as i grew up with. I love it all too: the changing colors of leaves, crisp cool weather, football, the easing into winter before the holiday rush. Thanks for sharing a taste of home!


You know those “monkey brains” aka Hedge balls are good to keep around your house, they help keep little spidies and other bugs from coming around. My hubby splits a few of those open every fall and we put them around the foundation on the outside of the house. They do the job as long as all of the squirrels leave them there!


Hi Dana, I LOVE fall also! When our kids were young we would pack them up and head out for long car rides in the country to take walks and explore nature. We would never have a destination and often get lost but the memories and photos are wonderful. I collect ugly apples every year also, and use them as a display. Did you know that you can also use them to keep mice out of your house? They hate the smell.


Nicole & Alixann – I have heard about several useful purposes for hedge apples – other than as decorations. Thanks for the tips!


great photos…even the one of that green thing :) I’ve never seen anything like that, but I’ll be on the lookout now, the kids would love it! when we lived in Australia, almost every day we’d see some strange plant that looked like it belonged in a Dr. Seuss book, I miss that…

[…] Remember when I discovered this disgustingly beautiful Monkey Brain? […]


Hmm…we don’t have those around here! I wish we did though, the look cool!