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Remember when I discovered this disgustingly beautiful Monkey Brain?

On a more recent walk, I took a bag and filled it with these gloriously green hedge apples.  {FYI some are sticky!}  Now, they’re in my house adding a pop of green in decorative bowls.  In my living room…

And also in a white ceramic bowl in the family room…

A few people have mentioned that these hedge apples keep spiders away if placed in or around your home.  Good thing.  Handy Hubby is terrified of spiders. Just the other day he came to me with a single flip flop and handed it to me in silence.  “What’s this for?” I asked him, puzzled.  He pointed across the room to his 8-legged enemy.  That’s right.  That man can backsplash the heck out of a kitchen but when it comes to spiders, he’s not involved.  We’ll see how these Monkey Brains do at warding off arachnoids.



Please let us know how they keep spiders away! If so, I’ll be finding some ASAP for my basement!


We love collecting these and have been known to pull over on the roadside to get them! They’ll last a good long time in your house and I love that fresh green color.



Those are gorgeous and warding off spiders just may cause me to do an all-out search for them.

Your house is so lovely – it’s a great inspiration for me!


I just discovered your blog!
I grew up in Texas and we called those Horse Apples, Im pretty sure that for the longest time I thought that horses actually ate them!
Also, Hilarious about your hubby! Mine is the exact same way… infact I can neither confirm nor deny that he will screech like a 10 year old little girl when there is a spider near him!


Leslie – What would our hubbies do without us?!