...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Be sure to use a non-stick pot.  Eat it straight from the pot with a spoon, all warm and gooey.  Or, for individual cookies, just spoon out dollops of mixture onto wax paper and let them set up.  This is about the only way I eat oatmeal.  {It’s a good chocolate fix!}  To make it sound healthier, I’ll use organic sugar, milk and butter.  But I know that doesn’t constitute healthy.  I’m not sure how many servings this recipe yields {I guess it depends on how big you make your spoonfuls/cookies} but, for us, we’re lucky if the chocolatey goodness lasts longer than a day.  Enjoy!



Ok, now this is just getting crazy – No bake cookies are my absolute FAVE! We definitely subscribe to the same magazines with the same taste :) Have you ever added peanut butter to the recipe? If not, you must try it…makes it even gooier and ridiculously good!


Erin – Oh, yes, the peanut butter is good too! Usually I’m craving chocolate and leave out the PB for a quick fix. I knew I liked you ;)


Yes, I was going to say that the only thing I don’t see is the peanut butter! Actually, my mom always made it without and it wasn’t until college or something that I heard of people putting PB in it. Now I have to! I’m going to try your variation from mine because it uses less sugar – and with the way too many baked goods and no bake cookies I enjoy – I need all the help I can get in the sugar department.

Why do I feel this kinship to people that L-O-V-E no bake cookies as much as I do? :) Seriously, I love them too much.


I have some oatmeal choc chip cookies that I make… but frankly I prefer the dough over the cookies! This sounds like it might taste so awesome, I’ll try it next time instead.


You just made my day, even more than this perfect cup of coffee next to me. My mom used to make these but the recipe was lost a number of years ago. I have searched but the no-bake recipes always have pb or some other tweak that is a million miles away from the version I grew up with.


I’m with Kelly – you just made my day, too! I’ve been searching for this recipe for the longest time. Thanks!