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It’s Feature Friday! On Fridays, I’ll be featuring one room in my house in its current condition even if there are some things I’d like to change about it. If I do happen to improve something later, I can always revisit it when the time comes. Plus, I’d kinda feel dishonest if I only focused on “finished” rooms in my house. And if what they (the professionals) say is true, a room is never really finished anyways…you’re always tweaking it. Concentrating on just one room weekly should give me some time to tidy it up a bit, too.

There are only 2 more rooms in my house that we have left to tour:  the master bedroom and master bathroom.  And there’s a reason why I’ve been putting them off.  They’re the only rooms I haven’t tweaked since we moved here nearly 3 years ago.  I know, I know.  Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, the first room you make yours.  Well, I’m doing it all backwards.  But I am doing it.  So, until my bedroom is ‘finished’, you’ll have to settle for these lame pics.

BEFORE {via Rate My Space}


Notice the green arrow.  It hints at some accessories to be incorporated into the makeover.  Yep, I’m goin’ gray and mustard.  And there’s a reason why the bed is dismantled.  The wrought iron bed frame is a little too feminine for our taste but we’ve slept with it for 8 years.  Also, when we bought our first mattress, we thought we liked soft mattresses.  In fact, we do NOT like soft mattresses.  But we lived with that, too, until we just absolutely hated getting out of bed with aching necks and backs.  So, yes, we bit the bullet and bought a new bed and mattress.  {Luckily, we found someone in the family who liked the bed frame and soft mattress so we were able to keep them out of the landfill.}  The makeover will also include a new furniture layout, an accent wall, DIY wall art and my take on IKEA’s BILLY bookcase as a cheap storage option.  And you’ve already seen the fandelier

I can’t wait to finish and show you the results.  Next week will be the last Feature Friday {my master bathroom} and will conclude my as-is house tour.  Don’t worry, though.  I’ve still got lots of budget-friendly ideas for all the rooms in my home.  Keep watching!



I love love the color of your walls!

[…] it should be some wondrous room with a tremendous WOW! factor but, sadly, it isn’t.  Like my master bedroom, the adjoining master bathroom hasn’t been tweaked yet.  It’s next on the list. […]


what is the color of your walls. I love them! Also, do you do any accent walls in yellow or just yellow accents in the room? You have great style!