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A regular H*T reader contacted me after seeing the mood board I put together for Scott and Robyn’s basement.  Michelle was wanting help with an inexpensive bedroom makeover.  And being that I like to pretend I’m an interior designer, I happily accepted Michelle’s request.  Currently, her bedroom looks like this…

It’s not a bad room to begin with at all.  Did you notice the floors?  And that upholstered headboard was a DIY project that Michelle and her husband completed together.  Michelle was wanting ideas for paint color, bedding, window treatments {well, door treatments I guess} and accessories.  After seeing my fandelier, she also wanted to incorporate the World Market pendant light into her room. Michelle asked that all the furniture stay {a bookcase also resides in her bedroom but is not shown above} but said that the sewing table and/or bookcase could be painted.  She was also looking to make the sewing table into more of a desk instead of a stand-alone piece.  After reviewing several pics of inspiration rooms that Michelle sent my way, I gathered that she was leaning towards a light, mostly neutral palette with a soothing feel.  In her original email to me, I also learned that Michelle likes a mix of crisp white and contrasting mocha with hints of green.  Taking all of that into consideration, this is what I came up with for Michelle’s budget-friendly room makeover…

Michelle's Breathe Easy Bedroom

I’m suggesting that Michelle paint her walls Dolphin Fin {by Behr, Home Depot}.  It’s a slightly tan-y gray.

Here’s a living room painted in Dolphin Fin so you get the idea…

{image courtesy of Alaina Kaczmarski}

For a fresh fix, clean white bedding {you can find it just about anywhere!} will instantly lighten all the dark furniture.  I found a few geometric print pillows along with a leafy green lumbar pillow to add interest.  The good news is they’re on sale for less than $13 each!  A white round mirror above the headboard will add in some curves.  {Frugal hint:  find any round mirror at Goodwill and spray paint it white.}  Spray painting the bedside lamps’ bases white will help to lighten things up, too.  The World Market chandelier is going to be the WOW! in this bedroom.  A furry sheepskin rug alongside the bed will add texture.  To keep all the furniture from looking the same, I suggested that Michelle paint her sewing desk green {similar to the one shown here} and her bookcase white.  Sliding up a white chair and hanging a DIY linen pinboard {like this} will further help the sewing table to act as a desk.  Those vertical blinds on the patio sliders have got to go!  I can’t wait to see how large and bright those sliding doors look when topped with a dark {either black or rubbed bronze} curtain rod and long, flowing white curtains.  Opening up that wall by hanging the window treatments high and wide around the patio doors will really have a huuuuuge impact.  {That’s one before-and-after I can’t wait to see!}  Finally, accessorizing with woven baskets, white ceramics and greenery {I had to throw in an orchid} will really bring some ease and life to the bedroom.  I dig these Jonathan Alder birds but really any cutesy piece found at Goodwill could be spray painted white for the same effect.

So, that’s how I would tweak Michelle’s bedroom without breaking the bank.  I was happy to hear that Michelle is excited about her mood board and actually has many of the items I suggested {rug, baskets, plants, white pots, etc} in her home already.  We must be on the same wavelength.  I know she isn’t in a hurry to tackle her bedroom makeover head-on, but when she does do it I sure hope she shares some pictures!  Pretty please, Michelle?



Hi Dana!
I am really exited to start my master bedroom makeover! It’s going to come out gorgeous because of you! I will definately send you after pics:) thank you soooooo much again!


Love it! I was wondering the other day if you were available to do these mood boards or if you just did them for family/friends. We have darker furniture and I’ve been contemplating a white bedspread….some more white things in there. And that Dolphin Fin looks GREAT!!! As I’ve mentioned here before, I like warm colors, but not TOO warm, so this tan with gray is nice. Her mood board would go well in my room (I love the accents of green)! :)


Oh, and curtains are my biggest dilemna. I hate choosing curtains – never know what color, if they should blend in or be dramatic. That’s one thing I would contact you for!


like the wall colour, very soothing for a bedroom!

another idea might be a slipcover for the pet bed to coordinate with the new pillows….or maybe a splurge for a new slipcovered “Comfy Pet Lounge” from Frontgate.com, maybe in “taupe trellis” fabric:


being a cheapskate, I’d probably slipcover the one she has already, but I just got the Frontgate catalogue, and those beds are pretty cute!


Katy – Contact me! Send me pics and tell me what you’re looking to do.


Carole – Oh, yes, the pink doggie bed would need to be recovered/switched out. I loooove Frontgate.


that chandelier is FAB!!!! I know who to call when we start our bedroom makeover (which, fingers crossed, will be early next year!!)


Any other tan-y gary paint colos that you like, looking for a new palette and I also reaaly like greens so a comb that works with Dolophin would be great, maybe a future Hue posting :)