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The DIY wall art in our entryway made from a Lowe’s drop cloth is finished.

It’s not perfect.  But nothing in this house is and that’s just fine with me.

It’s funny how a lot of homeowners are trying to update their homes by adding modernities while I’m trying to “debuilder” mine by adding things that look older than they really are.

I’m so glad I decided to hang the custom fabric art with twine and grommets.  It’s different.  It doesn’t look too polished.  It has wrinkles and seams that run throughout.  {Although I did stitch a small PVC pipe into the bottom to straighten it a little.}

And the words say it all.  That little boy {and the other 2 boys in my house} make me smile every day.  “You make me happy when skies are gray” is a phrase from Everett’s nightly bedtime song that I sing to him.  After we read a book and turn out the lights he says, “sing song for me.”  How could I resist?



I’m a new subscriber to your blog (I’m friends with Erin at Humanitie in Bryson City) and love your ideas! My dad used to sing this song to me when I was a kid and he and my mom were separating so I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!! Thank you so much for sharing :)


it really adds a lot of visual punch! I like the light background with the dark letters in your space, it makes looks great with the wall colour and white trim. if you’d chosen the black background/white lettering (like the inspiration, if I remember?), it would have been too imposing, and too trendy.

I have videos of my kids singing that song when they were little…in their version, skies were “grape” :)


I really like your font choice. The letters feel like the perfect size in the pictures. It’s so sweet that it’s a sentimental phrase for your family and not just a store bought mass produced item. : )

Very cool. It turned out great.


I love this idea! Thanks! I have the perfect place for something like this.


It turned out great…loving it! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Master bedroom next.


Love the font! Beautiful saying :)


Very cool! I have a large empty wall that’s just begging for something like this!

I think I’d also stitch a small PVC pipe into the top. I like the way it helped the bottom lay smoother. Also, have you considered trying to distress the lettering to give it a more vintage feel to tie in with the rustic feel of the twine?


Rob – Yeah, it probably could use another pvc pipe in the top but I can always add it later if needed. No, I didn’t distress the lettering. I know in the photos it looks pretty solid but in person the one coat of paint that I used looks much more worn. Plus, I have a feeling it will fade on its own over time…it gets a lot of direct sunlight in the mornings. Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoy seeing my house through others’ eyes!

[…] warned you this post was coming.  I decided to hang my custom fabric art with twine and grommets just to be a little different.  Here’s how I added the grommets to […]


um….hi. i saw your house tour on apt. therapy and thats how i found this blog. and im in love. thank you for the inspiration!


I can not even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this!! And I think that the grommets and twine really add so much to it. I really would love to try this! Did you use a stencil, or are you one of those amazingly lucky/talented people who can freehand ; ) ? Thanks so much for sharing!


Kristin – I actually made a transparency of the quote and projected it onto the hanging drop cloth {yeah, I hung it first} using a projector. I traced it all out with an ink pen and then hand painted each letter with a foam brush. It was tedious but totally budget-friendly.


I’m in LOVE with this idea!! Stunning yet so simple!


I fell in love with this idea (of course!) May I ask, what kind of font is that and what kind of projector did you use (or where did you get it) to do this?


Adair – I used Copperplate font and a regular old projector that we borrowed from Handy Hubby’s work. It’s the tabletop kind that makes a ton of noise when it’s on.


*love* your style. thanks for sharing all your creative ideas….i happened upon your blog via apart therapy. where did you get the branch decals on the wall going up the stairs? i’ve been trying to find something like it =)


Melanie – The cherry blossom branch going up the stairwell was DIY’d. See that here…


…and here…



thanks, dana! your hubby did a fabulous job! {funny, i call my hubby ‘handy hubby’ too}. i showed him the pics and he approved. yay! now, where to find a projector…

p.s. your blog is inspiring…thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge so we can all live in prettier homes.


i just came across your blog and my mind is racing. racing, i tell ya!

love that dropcloth art. sing that song to my little man each and every day/night. i must make one. how did you apply the letters? please don’t tell me you freehand painted them? i’ll fail.

i can’t look through your blog fast enough. i love the master headboard. like, LOVE, love it. and, we’re making over our master bedroom, soon. i was going to attempt a fabric headboard (loves your boys’ headboards, fyi) but now i might HAVE to go all copycat on the headboard you made.

also, you said your sister in law made your “Miller” sign from photos she’s taken in Cincinnati… i’m from Cincinnati, and now live in Columbus. please tell me you’re closeby! i dream of having a blog friend nearby. *nerd* i know.

anyway, i can’t tell you enough how gorgeous your home is, your family is, how awesome your writing is and how many things i want to copy that you’ve done. *iinsert confession of a blog crush here* :)



*embarrassed* hehehe. my racing mind got ahead of me… i just read how you did the letters. wonder how i’d go about it since i don’t have a projector laying around.


Amanda – We don’t own a projector. Handy Hubby’s work kindly let us borrow it. Try asking your local school or library if they have one you could borrow.


Amanda – Crush and copy away! Finding inspiration from other blogs is what got me started on my own home.


I love this idea so much and plan on using it to display a Bible verse on my baby girl’s room. One question: what is it hanging from? I know you used twine to hang it, but what do you have attached to the wall?


Sherri – Hung the wall quote art from several hooks I found at Lowe’s.

Hi Dana! This project inspired me to make a version of my own in my kitchen.
Thanks for the great ideas!


Mindy – Awesome! Looks great with the new curtains also ;)


wow, this is brilliant! i really love it! :P


Found you through the Young House Love book. This was the project that excited me the most. I’m planning on making it for our first born’s nursery. Question, is laundering the canvas necessary? If so, why?


I laundered it pre-painting to allow for shrinkage and also to help get rid of the drop cloth smell.


Is there any possible way I could pay you to make one of these for me? Please feel free to contact me :)


Unfortunately, I’m not able to make custom orders at this time. But it was really easy to DIY!