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10.31.10 / Sugar High

Did you have a good Halloween?  We had a great one.  Just like my house projects, I DIYed the boys’ costumes.  Layne wanted to be a bat and Everett’s too young to know what goes on at Halloween but Handy Hubby thought he’d make a cute Flash Gordon {aka The Flash}.

For Everett, I cut out and sewed The Flash emblem {made from scrap fabric} onto a Walmart long sleeve T.  I was excited to shop in the little girls’ section for red leggings.  I found a red fleece blankie at Goodwill that I attached to the back of the red shirt.  The glasses were a must because Big Brother was going to be wearing glasses, too.  Got ’em at Walmart.  Rain boots round out The Flash’s costume.  I hot glued yellow lightning bolts to a red knit hat but Everett refused to wear it.  I was just happy he was okay with the cape and glasses.  And, yes, that’s a stuffed bear and car under The Flash’s arm.  They had to go trick-or-treating with us.

Layne was a bat although a lot of people called him Batman.  He insisted on correcting everyone…c’mon there’s a huuuuge difference between a bat and Batman.  Layne already had black sweat pants.  I picked up a black long sleeve T from Walmart and found a woman’s 2X black, crushed velvet blouse at Goodwill to make wings out of.  The lady at the register was a bit taken aback when I laid the velvet shirt onto the counter.  “Oh my.  I haven’t seen one of these in a while.”  I assured her it was for my son’s bat costume.  I cut the velvet wings to shape and sewed them onto the black T.  The bat glasses were a great find at Walmart.  And because Everett was wearing rain boots, Layne had to wear his yellow rain boots.  For this pic, I yelled “show me your wings!”  Everett is showing his wings, too.

Layne was really getting into character, hiding his face behind his wing.  He’s already telling me he wants to be “Dark Vader” next year.



Nice job! I love making costumes, too–my son is now ‘too old’ for trick or treat, but we’ve made most of his costumes (including a fish costume, an iMac, a bilby costume as a nod to his Aussie heritage). I’ve made several princess dresses for my daughter, buy those were all from purchased patterns.


I love those outfits! The best part is that they are handmade and great on the budget:)


This is my favorite family post so far! Maybe it’s because we’re nearing Halloween and I’d so much rather DIY my kids’ costumes rather than buy them even though I have ZERO skills with a sewing machine. I don’t even think I know how to turn one on. Anyway, I’m really enjoying reading your blog from the start. I love how kids say Darth Vader: my 4 year old son calls him Darth Mader and I hope he never figures out his real name!