...because home doesn't happen overnight.

What I’m appreciating today…

  • physical and mental health…mine, Handy Hubby’s, my kids’…sometimes I feel like I take that for granted
  • my testosterone-filled lil’ family…I always wanted boys and, boy, did I ever get them
  • such a supportive husband…kudos to all the guys out there that let their women express themselves through home decor
  • a place to call home
  • homemade birthday cards from my lil’ guy…here’s the most recent one from my birthday earlier this week…

{isn’t it funny that he put “Dana” on it as opposed to “Mama”?!}

{I translated for you.  Notice the teal arrow…he made me a compass so I never get lost.}

  • anyone who has ever read my blog
  • good cameras that take great pictures
  • white spray paint
  • books
  • all the inspiration I get from nature
  • a financially stable {albeit painstakingly uncreative} part-time job
  • Handy Hubby’s career
  • my age…I’m older than I think I am
  • the ability to just be present
  • good sleep
  • interior design blogs/websites that fuel a wildfire inside me
  • a reliable computer
  • vehicles that are paid off
  • mortgage refinancing
  • fun co-workers who make my painstakingly uncreative job bearable
  • extended family near and far
  • possibilities…of our house, this blog, future endeavors
  • chocolate in any form
  • me time
  • the fun, family-oriented neighborhood that we live in
  • a woman who makes my Dad happy and feeds my boys whatever they want
  • organic products
  • rain
  • IBC cream soda on the rocks
  • a good smelling candle
  • rediscovering my love of writing
  • the BYW {Blogging Your Way} e-course I recently finished up
  • Layne’s love of reading and writing
  • Everett’s love of flirting…watch out, he’s gonna be a lady-killer
  • a clean kitchen
  • the gene I inherited from my Dad that allows me to eat whatever I want without gaining an ounce…hey, it was attached to the adolescent severe acne gene so I had that to deal with
  • people who are easy to be around
  • my college girlfriends
  • my Handy Hubby…I may have mentioned him already but, really, this guy deserves some more words…he encourages me to try new things, he doesn’t always tell me no when I tell him my ideas, he’s such a hands-on Dada, he’s lived gluten-free for the last 8 months {that’s not easy to do!}, talking to him always makes me feel better, he can operate a tool or two, and I’ve been told I should change his blog name from “Handy Hubby” to “Hunky Hubby”
  • the one day per week that I get Layne to take a nap the same time as Everett…heaven on earth
  • a big unfinished basement that hides all our DIY messes
  • Etsy
  • toys that don’t make noise
  • the day I took my kids to the library and overheard some teenage boy refer to me as a “MILF”
  • the ease of potty-training Everett…I guess I paid my dues with Layne
  • neighbors who are excellent cooks and invite me over for dinner
  • spirituality
  • movies that take me to magical places
  • …and all the readers who entered to win H*T’s first ever giveaway {hopefully, more to come!}


…ERIN PEARCE!! who is thankful for her three-year-old son’s speech and occupational therapists.  What a wonderful thing to be thankful for.  {Erin, be on the lookout for an email from me and TILEShowroom!  Your $100 coupon code will be emailed to you after the holiday break.}

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  Now, go eat some turkey.

FYI – The TILEShowroom winner was picked at random via Random.org.

images:  all by Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I love list and yours is inspiring! Happy Thanksgiving!


happy belated birthday (and turkey day!)


Ha ha, I love that are thankful for someone calling you a MILF. I tell my hubby that my goal in life is to be a MILF and it always makes him laugh. You have some great things to be thankful for.


Margey – I have tons to be thankful for…big and small.


Enjoyed reading your list- thanks for sharing!!!!


OMG! I just saw this checking all my favorite blogs and thought “oh crap, I hope i didn’t delete the email”- but i just checked and i just got the email today! I’m not one of those people who wins things…. I’m so excited!!!!

Thank you soooo much!


Erin – Congrats! So happy for you! I’d love to hear about what you do with your winnings.