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The ruffled pillow from my master bedroom sneak peek has gotten a lot of interest.

As I said, I purchased it from Etsy and today I’d like to share the seller with you.  Please welcome Jilly Bean Things.

Unlike all the other Etsy pillow products I’ve featured on H*T, I actually purchased this as a pillow {versus a pillow cover}.  The decorative cover is not removable.  So to wash it, the entire pillow must be washed…which I figure is just fine for a pillow in our master bedroom that doesn’t get much hands-on action from our lil’ kiddos.  {I probably wouldn’t have purchased it for our main living area.} It’s the perfect pop of color and femininity for our {hopefully} gender neutral bedroom.  I’m very pleased with the quality and density of this handmade pillow.  Wanna see more from Jilly Bean Things?  If so, see below.

Don’t you adore those pops of mustard, olive, eggplant and pimento? Mmm, I’m hungry.  And the ruffles?  My gosh, the ruffles.  They’re sweet without being childish.  You might notice a few handbags thrown into the mix.  I thought some of you may be tired of pillows.  {Me?  Never.}  If I didn’t need a larger purse {for extra toddler undies/pants/sippy cup}, you bet I’d have one of those handbags.  Maybe in a few years. And speaking of kids…the creator of Jilly Bean Things has recently welcomed another {third} child to her family and has several items available with FREE shipping.  Go check ’em out and, you never know, you might just find that perfect Christmas gift for that perfect someone.

Happy Etsy browsing!

FYI – I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just love sharing good stuff.

images:  1) Dana Miller  2) Jilly Bean Things via Etsy  3) collage by Dana Miller using Jilly Beans Things’ images via Etsy


I love, love, love the mustard yellow and gray color scheme…I think I told you that already?! :) Anyways, looked at the article on your home at Apartment Therapy and can I just say that I love everything about your space?? I adore how you jazz spaces up with splashes of color and quirky accessories. Adorable, clean!, classy … love it!



What gorgeous pillows. Love the one for your bedroom. I just recently bought a ruffled throw for our bedroom in a lime green color. Love it on top of my brother duvet. Great pop of color, plus I have an embroided pillow that have lime green in it…..both from Home Goods.


Ooh, I’ve been a long looker of Jillybean Pillows. Always loved the white flower with green center pillow too! I’ll have to go check her out again, it’s been awhile….hmm…free shipping.