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I found 2 of these linen hanging organizers at Target last week on clearance for $3.74 each.  They were originally priced at $14.99 each.

I grabbed ’em up and knew right away where I was going to use them.  You see, Layne started kindergarten this fall.  Who’da thought kindergarteners would bring home so much paperwork? From PTO newsletters to fundraiser info to weekly fluoride treatment consent forms…I’ve been slightly overwhelmed.  {Layne calls it his ‘homework.’}  Most of it gets tossed into the recycling bin but some is worth keeping and I haven’t found a good place to put it.  That is, not until I found these Real Simple bad boys.

Our mini mudroom is drop-zone central for coats, backpacks, shoes, hats, bags, etc.  {It was once a cumbersome hall closet.  See how we DIY’d it into a multitasking mudroom here over on Young House Love.} So, I figured what better place to add organization, right?  I used 4 drywall anchors and coordinating screws to secure the 2 hanging organizers to the narrow mudroom wall {just left of the bench if looking head-on}.

Then, to make ’em a little more personal, I stamped the boys’ names onto the back of the Real Simple cards that came with the organizers.

Everett isn’t in school {not even preschool} yet, so I’ll probably just throw some extra pairs of undies in his for a while…or his coloring artwork.  God forbid I don’t get him something that Layne got!  Layne’s will come in handy for school reminders, consent forms and his weekly school library book {that we often have trouble finding the morning it’s due back}. And I love the fact that these will grow with the boys. Homework, here we come!

I could see these hanging organizers working just as well in an office or craft room.  And what about as mail sorters? Yes, siree.  Finding ways to keep our home clutter-free and running smoothly is fun to me.  Nerdy?  Absolutely. But it preserves my sanity.  And a mother’s sanity is a worthy investment.  Especially if it only costs $7.48.

images:  all by Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Oh, yes. The weekly library book. I can never figure out where to keep it. We have a bin for all of the books we currently have checked out of the public library, but that one school library book often ends up floating around. I’ve thought about putting a bin or tray in our closet for that, but haven’t settled on a definite idea yet.

Now if I can just figure out what to do with all the papers that my daughter brings home from school that she wants to keep…


I found an art portfolio for preschoolers by Alex Toys. I got it at toysrus.com on sale for about $13. I love it because it is large enough to hold the oversized paper they always paint on, and it has divided folders that make it an expand-a-file! It is not, though, something to put on display with it’s variety of primary colors. :)

I saw these on clearance at my local Target too and didn’t grab them up! Now, I wish I had! Cute idea and it looks great!


What a great idea! I will have to check out our Target soon. They HAVE to have some kind of good clearance items going on with the holiday season and all. I could use something like these for work :)


Oh! I had seen these at full price and turned them down. But now since I’m using at manilla folder taped to the fridge, I am totally going to look for them on clearance. Thanks!


how come you chose not to connect the two together? looks like the nubs on the bottom can go into the holes of the one below it. just curious! love them though!


Melanie – Yes! You can connect them together if you want! I didn’t just because we usually have stuff overflowing and didn’t want to hide the pretty linen. Plus, I was also thinking of hanging little things from the knobs in the future…I’m always getting handmade crafts from them that I could hang with thread/yarn from the knobs. And maybe someday we’ll hang keys {house or car} from them. Thanks for the question and comment. You’re quite an observant reader!

Hi Dana! I found you blog a few weeks ago and I’m slowly going through the archives. Thanks so much for the inspiration; your home is absolutely beautiful! Also, we have a son named Everett :-) Not such a common name, so I just thought I’d let you know. Anyway, thanks again! I have lots of looking to do still. I’d be thrilled if you would stop by my blog, too.



Amanda – Your blog/home look too sweet! And I like your son’s name ;)

Great deal! Great look!



I have 2 of these and I love them!


I was wondering if those file pockets are still available? I would love to have 2 of them