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12.02.10 / Wisting Away

Notice anything different? … Besides a newer pic of me … No? … How ’bout now? … Aw, come on.  It’s like when girls get a haircut and their significant others don’t notice.  Imagine me staring you in the eye with my head cocked sideways, smiling pretty and blinking rapidly.  {That’s how we do it, right girls?} Oh, alright. I’ll just tell you.

Look to the right of your screen and maybe scroll down a bit.  There you will find my Wists list. What are Wists, you ask?  Well, I’m not sure if it/they is/are singular/plural.  I haven’t quite figured out the lingo. {For the sake of consistency, I’m going to address it as singular.} Either way, Wists is a ‘social shopping scrapbook.’

At least, that’s what they say.  I like to call it ‘the website that keeps track of all the stuff I like but don’t have.’  Basically, you just go to their site, sign up with an email address, drag the ‘Add to Wists’ link into your bookmark toolbar and then commence online browsing.  If you find something you like, simply click the ‘Add to Wists’ link in your toolbar.  This will pull up a screen with nearly every image from the current page you are looking at.  Just select which image you’d like to save, add a keyword to the image and, voilà!, you have an online wish list. Wists keeps track of where each item was originally clipped from along with a descriptive title.  It’s pretty fun and a total time waster.  Great for cold, blustery nights.  I had a blast putting together the little list you see over in my sidebar.  You can click on ’em for more details. {I’m diggin’ navy with natural wood tones thrown in.}  Of course, most of the items I’ll never see in my own home because they’re too dang expensive.  But a few are attainable.  {Ahem, Elle Decor magazine subscription, cough, cardboard animal heads, cough, cough} If anything, it’s a great way to see how different items look together in a mix.  And in case you didn’t know it already, wish lists are totally in right now.  So, go have a look and start wisting away.

FYI – Handy Hubby always likes to remind me not to waste a wish on whatever I’m wishing for at the moment.  But wasting wists are okay.

AFYI {also for your information} – I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just like sharing fun stuff.

images:  1) screenshot via Dana Miller  2) Wists



How fun! Thanks for the tip. I see stuff all the time that I like, but can’t ever remember when people ask me what I want!


Love it!

Actually, one of the items in your Wists list was on my wish list too: the grey/white patterned ottoman from West Elm. My bf and I had been hunting for the perfect ottoman but we couldn’t find anything we both liked… until we saw that bad boy. It was a little pricey but we’d seen much more expensive ones — and we loved it. Unfortunately, the website was back ordered until February 26 and the store was totally sold out! To make matters worse, they had no clue when a new shipment would come in. I was so bummed. I added my name and number to the back order list. Then, an hour later, I get a call from West Elm that there was ONE LEFT. It was tucked away in the back of the stock room. Needless to say, I rushed down and bought it! It’s a Christmas miracle, LOL!

I hope you get one of the items on your Wists list this Christmas, too!


if you’re digging navy with natural wood tones, I see why you have some West Elm on your wist, I’ve been enjoying the most recent catalogues with several pages using that colour scheme!


Kaitlyn – Sounds like it was meant to be! Trying not to get jealous over here…


Carole – I’ve been soaking up every page of West Elm’s catalogue.


what is the difference between this and the amazon wishlist? have you tried the amazon wishlist?


Laura – I actually checked out the Amazon affiliate program where you can make up a list, share it on a website and potentially earn commission on items bought from your list. I still might do that in the future. At the time I made my wish list, I was into some branded items that weren’t available on Amazon. I was just looking to have a little fun putting together a mix of home items and such that were tickling my fancy at the moment. Wist let me pull items together from sources that weren’t on Amazon. That being said, I think Amazon is great!!! I just did all my Christmas shopping online from them last night.


I just found your website from YHL and have spent the weekend (and my snow day today) reading all of your archives. I’m a bit sad because I think I’ll catch up to current times today! Anyway, we just got the Dali bamboo shades from Overstock.com that you have on your wistlist and hung them this weekend. Love them! So easy to install and they really add a pop to our kitchen!