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Our sunroom offers wide open views of our backyard and adjacent farm land {not ours}.  We enjoy being in there and taking in nature’s beauty.  It’s peaceful.  I wanted to add a little holiday sumpin’-sumpin’ to our sunroom without taking away from the scenery or spending much.  So when snow began to fall here a little over a week ago, I took inspiration from Mother Nature and put together a snowmobile.  Let me explain.

I snipped tissue paper into snowflakes of varying sizes.  I bent a white wire clothes hanger into a circle.  {Well, let’s pretend it’s a circle.} Then I  suspended the snowflakes from the wire hanger at different heights using clear tape and fishing line.  Finally, I tied the entire mobile to our sunroom’s ceiling fan.

I named it ‘the snowmobile.’  Handy Hubby just shook his head.  He thinks the terminology I come up with is corny.  I couldn’t agree more.

I painted paper maché letters a very light – almost undetectable – pinky lavender and propped them up in the windowsill to spell “JOY.”  Handy Hubby strung the woven ball lights across the windows. {The letters and lights we already had on hand from past Christmases.} I did splurge on 3 faux allium stems.  I had a coupon and they cost me less than $6 for all.  I can see them being displayed in the summer months, too.

Wasn’t it nice of Mother Nature to provide some white ground cover for the shots?

Yes, my boys have already experimented with the snowmobile.  If you were 5 years old wouldn’t you be curious to know what would happen with the fan on?  Well, I’ll tell you what happens.  The snowflakes just get all tangled up and your mother has to detangle them.  No harm done.

I’ve seen gorgeous DIY snowflake projects all over the place.  The best part is they can stay up well beyond Christmas.  What about you?  Have you busted out your always useful elementary school snowflake cutting skills lately?

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Where did you get the Alliums? Love them. They’re my favorite flower.


PS. I also love the paper garland from an earlier post.


Wow, it is so pretty! I really like your choice of colors. I think its awesome that the snow mobile has a real snow backdrop. What store did you buy your alliums?


cute!! When I saw the first picture of the mobile up, all I could think of was my kids turning the fan on high. They wouldn’t give up until the mobile is completely knotted and stuck. lol


Your sunroom is my favorite room in your house. I love how airy and simple it is. These decorations look great!


I love those flowers in the vase. Are they real or fake? where did u get them?


I think calling it a snowmobile is clever. :)

Also, I love allium, so I’m hoping to grow some next summer. But your faux allium look great! And I like how they compliment the shape of the woven balls.


Laura, Johanna & Maggie – I bought the faux allium from JoAnn’s several weeks ago. They were on sale at $1.50 each!


Love it. What a great room too. It must be an awesome room to be in, no matter the weather outside. Jealous!!! I love all the ideas you come up with. :D

Your sunroom looks divine with the pretty paper garland and the allium flowers. I love the paper mache letters of “JOY” and lights in front of the window. Ooooh and the texture on the ceiling too. So pretty and festive.