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Victoria emailed me needing help with the long, skinny room above her garage.  She wanted it to function as a retreat for guests using a color scheme of blue, chocolate and tan.

Here’s what I came up with…

Victoria's Cloud Nine Bonus Room1 – Instead of being too literal with the desired color scheme, I switched up the combination to blue-green, gold, white and espresso…to keep things a little more airy in a room lacking tons of natural light.  For the wall/ceiling color, something along the lines of Olympic’s Carolina Inn Club Aqua {as seen over on Young House Love} would give guests the feeling of sleeping in the sky.  To complement the blue-green walls, I chose a textured gold duvet cover to fold up and lay across the bottom third of the proposed all white bed. The subtle chrysanthemum pattern adds interest and ties into the wall art nicely.

2 – For the sleeping area, I found these inexpensive espresso nightstands to flank either side of the bed.  I suggested using these crisp tear drop lamps on each nightstand placed in front of these reflective wall sculptures to bounce even more light around and add glimmer to the room.  Adding a sophisticated, circular monogram {either vinyl or DIY’d} in dark gray or navy above the center of the bed would help to establish a focal point on the long wall.  And what bed couldn’t use a pair of Etsy pillows?  Mixing an ikat pattern with a geometric motif keeps things from going department store matchy.

3 – Victoria wanted a place for her guests to work on their laptop if necessary.  I suggested moving the workspace to the small wall where a floor lamp lives in the before picture above.  I found this crazy affordable version of a white parsons desk for tossing papers, computers or phones onto. Partnered with this contrasting espresso bentwood chair, the work area suddenly becomes a modern vignette.  Hanging this floral print above the desk in an all white frame/mat, would tie in all the colors of room: aqua, gold, white and espresso.

4 – Also on Victoria’s must-have list was a sitting area for her guests to lounge and read.  Placing the sitting area on the side of the bed opposite the work area will help to balance the long room and also separate the workspace from the leisure space.  These patterned slipper chairs angled in towards this rich, clean-lined side table would cozy up empty space on the other side of room.  The floor lamp in the before pic would provide ample reading light.

Here’s hoping these ideas help Victoria turn her bonus room into the soothing room she wants for her guests.  And maybe it inspired you as well.  As for me, I’m seriously digging those reflective wall sculptures.

images:  1) bedroom before via Victoria  2) mood board by Dana Miller via Polyvore



I love that look! Great job!

Now can you tell me how to fix up my master bedroom??? My husband keeps telling me to show him how I want it but I have no clue where to position our dressers & stuff.


Lovely and quite thoughtful. Great budget friendly pieces.

I love the mood board. And that Parsons desk is great! Thanks so much for sharing.


It look- phenomenal. Functional yet chic!

Of alllllll the decorators out there in blog land, I choose you! :) You are my fav.


Love the mood board! I second the above ^^^ comment! you rock!!! :)


I LOVE those printed chairs! Are they the same pattern as my Aztec bench from Target? (I wish I had a link but I can’t find one). If so, I might need to buy these and use elsewhere in my future house one day. I would SO be a guest in this room. :]


Tami & Lydia – Wow! I’m totally flattered.

I love the chairs, a long room like that could definitely support a sitting area. And the reflective wall sculptures are super cool. Loving this mood board!


You put together a beautiful room…and totally affordable and ‘do-able.’ Great call on the nightstands- I’ve been looking for ones just like them for a while!


Ah yes, it’s the Santa Fe bench (not Aztec!) here from Target that I have in my room: http://www.target.com/Santa-Fe-Storage-Bench-Brown/dp/B001L5GS2W
I LOVE this pattern and would definitely recommend it! Unfortunately it looks like Target is out of stock. : [


This is one of the most amazing makeovers! MC