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02.04.11 / Patched & Painted

We’re finally finished patching and painting the 3 door frames in our master suite where some doors once hung.  Handy Hubby patched everything up with wood putty and then sanded it all. Painting was my job.  It took 2 rounds of puttying and sanding to get a nice, smooth finish.  Then I topped it off with 2 coats of trim paint that the builder left behind…so it was free.  Here’s our closet, water closet and bathroom entry door frames now.

By removing the trim within the door frame that originally kept the {now removed} doors from swinging through, the doorways look more like they’ve always been this way…doorless.  Here’s a picture to show you what I mean.

Removing the doors and the trim has helped to open up the master and keep it feeling more like a ‘suite’ than a bedroom with a closet and bathroom adjoined.  I still need to hang a fabric curtain in the closet doorway.  Did you happen to notice the mustard-colored hint in the third photo? It’s the new door between the bedroom and bathroom, and it’s sweet.  I’ll be back later today with a post all about that bad boy. Yes, you heard me right.  Two posts in one day today.  I’m feeling extra bloggy. Must be the sunshine.  See you later!

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


This may sound silly, but I had no idea you could remove that trim piece! Brilliant, and I will definitely keep that in mind in the future!


Much better!

It’s funny, I didn’t know you could remove that piece either…until hubby did it and flipped it around (we have a different type) in order to change the swing of the master bathroom door (to open into the bedroom instead of taking up precious bathroom space). I guess because it gets so well caulked and painted in, it looks like it’s a part of the overall trim.

Dana, I want to let you know how much I enjoy your aesthetic. Seeing your home has given me the extra push I needed to fully embrace my love of blue and green grays. I kept getting hung up on “warm” colors for certain rooms, but I just don’t dig that look (growing up in the midwest where it seems like everyone did browns and reds, I got tired of it.) Most of the rooms in our home were already painted a shade of gray but I finally gave myself permission to go with an overall cooler color palette–and its finally clicking…


Hi Dana! I know EVERYBODY says this, but I swear I am not a stalker! lol I just really love your blog! Really, I do. I found your link randomly on YHL and have checked back since then and that was back in October. I am a 30 year old, mom of 2, living in California, in my own brand new tract home. You truly have inspired me to start changing some stuff around my house! You are a daily read for me once I get my cup of coffee and in some strange way, I feel like I am part of the process too with how you write your entries. I just wanted to tell you thanks for taking the time to share your great ideas, getting me hooked on white spray paint, and mostly inspiring me to break out of the box and realizing I can add some character to my cookie-cutter home. We are in the process of painting our cabinets….brand new (eek) cabinets, white. Your transformation pushed me and my husband to do it while everyone is raising eyebrows! Keep up the good work on your blog!


Sinead, good for you and your husband on painting your cabinets. It’s a big step. Initially we got all kinds of discouraging comments from family/friends… several from my folks. Just to let you know, they’re in the process of buying a new home and talking about painting their new oak cabinets white ;)

We are halfway through this project ourselves. A previous owner removed some of the superfluous doors (did there really need to be one between the living room and hallway?) but didn’t finish the job. Joy. And now we are about to remove some closet doors.

I’m so inspired by your blog.


two things:
1. love the idea to remove the trim piece. it makes SUCH a difference, but i never would have even thought to do that! wow!

2. reading about how you are bold enough to paint over cabinets makes me (almost) bold enough to paint our dining room chairs. i have been on the fence about it for years– i don’t like the colors, but they are “hitchcock chairs”, so painting them would lessen their value. i love the lines, love the weight, love the feel of the chairs, but hate the colors (sort of an icky teal, in a room of creams, and brighter pops of color). any input on taking the plunge to paint things that are antiques? or pieces of furniture that my relatives would say i should never, ever paint? i can’t muster up the nerve to pull the trigger…


Katherine – If they are pieces you see yourself living with for many years {think 10+}, then I think I’d do whatever I wanted to them to enjoy them. However, if you’re thinking you may sell them for replacements down the road, then I’d leave ’em alone to get more moola for something I really want.


that’s really helpful! thanks!


How did you remove the trim? I tried doing that but when I removed it, there was a .5″ wide and .5″ deep channel behind it. Perhaps a different type of pre-hung door?