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I received an email from Candice in North Carolina who had recently pruned some trees in her backyard and was wanting DIY ideas for the branches she’d trimmed off.  I love incorporating natural elements into home decor.  Who doesn’t love free material found right outside their door?  I think any of these branch projects would be fun to try in the home.

Jewelry Tree

Screw the end of a smaller branch into a square, stained piece of wood and adorn it with necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  It makes for a pretty display and a quick jewelry go-to in the morning.

Paper Cherry Blossoms

Fold tissue paper into petite blossoms and tape onto bare branches.  Place floral branches in a vase and display on an entryway table, dining table or buffet.  {Here’s a great tutorial.}  I did something similar here.

Wall Art

Paint branches to color of choice and then hot glue ends onto the backs of 2 painted & parallel 1″x2″ boards.  Arrange branches loosely for a sculptural effect and hang on the wall.

Whimsical Chandelier

Spray paint an existing chandelier white along with a mass of thin, flexible branches.  Cover the chandelier in branches using clear or white zip ties and string to secure them.  {Steer clear of light bulbs.}  Follow the lines of the original chandelier to keep the form looking chandy-ish.

Stick Starburst

Cut straight branches into smaller sections and hot glue around a mirror.  Find a good tutorial here.

Rustic Frame

Attach branches to an existing mirror or picture frame with hot glue.

Bold Accent

Spray paint a single, large branch with an interesting form a bright, bold color like red.  Simply prop or lean it in a vignette for a quick and temporary splash of color.

Affordable Pendant

Hang industrial lights from a single branch for a simple dining pendant light.  Read more about this project here.

Of course, you could always plop branches into a vase and be done with it but I thought these DIY ideas were worth mentioning.  I hope that they inspire Candice to ‘branch out’ and find a creative way to use the branches from her yard.  Do you have any branch decor ideas to share too?

images:  1) Rian Rae 2) Kristin Sutcliffe for Bloesem Kids 3) Wood Railing 4) Collier West 5) Citified Country Girl 6) CBK via Amazon 7) Evan Thomas for Apartment Therapy 8 ) Anna-Malin Lindgren for decor8



I absolutely adore each and EVERY one of these ideas! So organic and lovely … Just my style. Thanks for sharing, Dana!


Who knew there were so many ideas for a branch? Well , I guess you did, HA! This post reminds me of the interview that the first QVC hosts…How would you sell this pencil? Clever people.


I love this post. I am pretty much obsessed with branches in decorating (though strangely I haven’t decorated my own home with any of them). this is giving me great inspiration. thanks!

I love the jewelry stand and wall art. The jewelry stand reminds me of the metal one from Urban Outifters. Though, this would look pretty and artsy without the jewelry, too.


Love, love, love the cherry blossums! I may need to try it out!


I found your blog through my friend Mattie at http://salutations-mayt23.blogspot.com/… She loves your ideas and everything that you bring to the design table!

Anyway, I have been hooked, but feel that I’m fairly comfortable in my home right now and the decorating that we have done… I don’t know how ready I am to change what we’ve done.

But love your ideas.

With that said, I left you some awards on my blog today…


I love your blog and all your wonderful decorating ideas and projects. Suz at Inspiring Creativeness sent me the Versatile Blogger award and I’m sending it to you. Please stop by my blog to check out the details.
Lesa at Home-Frosting.blogspot.com

Loving the paper cherry blossoms. I wish I had 6 more hours in every day to do a few more crafty projects like that! xo

Ok, I must go find some branches…thankfully its a beautiful day!

I am in love with your blog (and home). So glad that I found it!


What great ideas. Nice little way to bring the outdoors in. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

I love this!! Great ideas. I am all about bringing in elements from nature. Plus they are free! I tried a nature inspired DIY the first week we moved into our house. See how they turned out here:
and here:

I absolutely love what you do on your blog. Branches will be up in my house very soon (as soon as New England thaws out!).

Your Love Bed was featured in someone’s blog which was Freshly Pressed yesterday. Congratulations on the exposure!


this is just my husband’s & my styles mixed! Love all of it!

I love all these ideas for using branches indoors. And I have that very same milk glass vase used with the pink cherry blossoms. Maybe I’ll have to recreate those!


Love these ideas! All the branches in my neck of the woods are too soggy right now, but I’ll file away these ideas for spring. The jewellery tree is too cute.


oh my gosh I’m in love with your blog. This is great!!


thanks for sharing the pic of my mountain laurel handrail! I make wood railing for interior, exterior and stairs. I also make wall art that looks and just finished up a headboard.

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I love the Cherry Blossoms! I have no oragami experience but I am going to try it out.

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I’m french so… sorry if my english isn’t good!!
I really love your creations, particulary the jewellery tree (so beautifull)!!!!!! What kind of tree did you use??
Thank you for sharing your great ideas!!!


These were made by the shop owners. They are paper mache!