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03.03.11 / A Dash Of Fun

In the midst of all the cleaning, packing and decluttering, I made the time to do something fun today. You should probably be warned that ‘fun’ for me usually includes decor and/or creating something. While my kindergartener was at school this morning, I drug little man {our 2-year-old} out to JoAnn’s in search of some springy fabric to turn into simple curtains for the kitchen.  {He always enjoys making elderly lady-friends at the craft stores.}  The window above our kitchen sink has been naked for the last 3 years just because I kept waiting for the perfect fabric to slap me in the face.  I figured prepping the house was a good excuse to just go out and make myself pick something even if it wasn’t perfect. Surprisingly, I found a great home decor print that was on sale at 40% off.  I took home a yard for $12.  Before actually making it home, we took a detour through Target {walking not driving} to pick up a pack of curtain clip rings for $5.  I was going to make this project as easy as possible, so no curtain rod pocket sewing for me.  Back home, it took me about 30 minutes to measure, sew and hang the new panels.  Take a look.

They’re airy and simple with a shot of green in them.  They’re my attempt at coaxing spring to make an early appearance.

Normally, I’d prewash the fabric before making curtain panels but since this project was all in the name of fun {and since the curtains will be staying with the house} I skipped prewashing.  {Note to self: remind future homeowners that the kitchen curtains should be washed in cold water only to avoid shrinkage.}

The 7-piece pack of curtain rings and clips was plenty to hang these slim panels.  They’re only ~18″ wide.  Solely for decorative purposes not for shutting out light or peeping Toms.

Which is fine because we installed custom light-filtering shades that are mounted inside the window frame and block the setting sun’s rays every evening.  The sun sets at the back of our property, so we had to install something early on to avoid being blinded while doing dishes after dinner.  Man, I’m going to miss that sunset.  It’s gorgeous.

I also took time to sand down and re-oil the butcher block countertop on the island.  I used regular ol’ mineral oil that you can buy at any drugstore {yep, the kind for poopin’} and it usually takes about 24-48 hours for the wood to absorb it all.  It’s amazing how the wood bounces back after a rub down like this.

During lil’ man’s naptime, my kindergartener helped me pick up and clean a little more to take pictures that will be included in our for sale by owner listing and sales brochure.  He was like a frog hopping around trying to stay out of the view of the camera.  In fact, he opened the front door just as I was taking a picture of the front of the house.  That one got deleted.  I’m definitely feeling a little sad and guilty about possibly moving Layne {that’s my kindergartener} to a new school and neighborhood.  I’ve started dropping hints about moving to him and his responses have surprised me.  He said as long as his new room has a ceiling fan, he’ll be happy.  He’s been asking for a ceiling fan in his current room for 3 years.  I promised him he’d get a ceiling fan.  Sometimes I think I’m making this a bigger deal than it should be.  Kids are resilient, right?  As a child, I was lucky enough to attend school in the same school district from kindergarten all the way through to high school graduation.  I always felt bad for the new kids.  But I keep telling myself that Layne would be attending a different school {albeit in the same district with familiar faces} next year anyway even if we stayed here because the school he’s at now is strictly for kindergarteners.  Still, it’s a little heartbreaking for a mama.

So, anyway, I sort went all tangent on you there, didn’t I?  Oops.  Well, that’s how I had fun with $20 today.  I felt good to be decorating again and to get my creative juices flowing.  It makes me antsy to start thinking about designing and decorating for another smaller, probably more challenging home.  Antsy in a good way.  Excited antsy.

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Love the fabric you selected! I am a sucker for anything green, brown and white! Definitely looks like spring is on its way! Good luck getting the house ready!


They look great and thank you for the inspiration. My bath window needs new treatments. Think I will go to Joann’s tomorrow.


The curtains are perfect. They add so much fun and Spring. Don’t worry about moving. I too attended the same school, but my kids, not so. They transferred to private school in 5th and 6th grade and honestly, it was the BEST thing we have ever done for the education, but mostly, they easily made friends. I think he is young enough that he will be just fine. Besides, you are doing it for all the right reasons.


Cute curtains! Don’t worry about moving, I moved in Preschool, Kindergarten, and 5th grade and it worked out. It’s especially easy for kids that young to make new friends and get used to a new school. Good luck (:

That is a well spent $20 dollars!! Looks Fabulous!


Cute curtains! I have to say, I love your blog! Such fresh ideas you have! I have one question for you though, how on earth do you keep your black granite so dust free?! I also have black granite and when the daylight hits it I’m always horrified to see dust in the corners where it doesn’t get used. What’s your secret?


Very cute! You have a great eye for fabric. I need to get around to the kitchen curtains in our place, too–if you can manage it with all you’re doing, I have no excuse!


Love the fabric. It has an Amy Butler-ish look to it.
Yeah, don’t stress about the school change. I moved schools five times between K and 3rd grade, and I remember nothing about way back then. I have one or two memoris from each of those classrooms, but none about the actual move/start up in a new classroom.


super fresh fabric! do you have an item or style number for it?


Love it! And ditto on the fabric store, fabric name, etc…thanks : )

Oh, and I’m not usually a “commenter” but I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I think a smaller home will be a really fun challenge. I’m always amazed at what people are able to pull off in small spaces on Apartment Therapy.

Your new owners will be lucky to reap the benefits of your style!


Whoops, reread post and saw you bought the fabric from JoAnnes…


I bought that same fabric and recovered the seat of a small chair! It was one of the first projects I did on my blog and I still love it so much! They are super cute and I love them in your window. It’s also nice to know that someone else has a little boy who makes friends with all the older ladies at JoAnn’s! It always cracks me up when he starts wooing them. They are all smiles and giggles.


I love the rug in front of the sink…can I ask where to you purchased it? Thanks!


I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and saw your curtains. I had to do a double-take because I have nearly that exact fabric on pillows I have on my couch. They’re indoor/outdoor pillows that I found at Costco! Now (hopefully) I can jet over to JoAnn’s and get some fabric to make a coordinating cover for my foyer bench!


Okay, I must rush to Joann’s and see if we have that fabric. LOVE. Everytime I go there looking for fabric I can settle on nothing, but seeing it in your house and it being all the colors I love AND a print I love – I’m hoping we have it as well! Even if I don’t hang them in this house (we’re moving in 4 months), I’ll save them for the next place!

Thanks for sharing this lovely fabric!


Hillary – The rug is from Ballard Designs. It’s made of recycled bottle caps but is surprisingly cushy underfoot. More on it here…



Beth – I love Amy Butler. Maybe that’s what drew me to this print.


Michelle – I keep a spray bottle of water mixed with one teaspoon of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner {in Lemon Verbana} tucked away in the cabinet below the sink. Once a day {usually after dinner dishes are done}, I spray and wipe down the counters. Easy as that. We haven’t had the counters for quite a year yet, so we haven’t done anything but that…just daily cleaning with Mrs. Meyer’s.


The curtains are super cute and what a great price to put it all together!


That fabric is so cute! I love the colors in it!

These are great!


I am looking forward to seeing the fabric you choose for your bedroom closet. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to us all!

They look AWESOME! Perfect for the kitchen – love that color of green :)


This looks wonderful! It’s the perfect way to dress up the window and I’m jealous of whoever will be moving into your lovely home…you’ve done a great job, everything looks so clean and inviting.


You certainly have a knack for house “tweaking.” I never would have picked out that fabric, but it looks great!


We moved 3 hours away the summer after my son finished kindergarten. He was going into 1st grade and my youngest was starting kindergarten. I was sad, scared, nervous, excited…the full range of emotions! It can be stressful sending your little ones off to a new school in a new town while trying to get settled in a new house in a new neighborhood! We survived and both are extremely happy and enjoying life! Good luck to you and your family!!!

Very inspiring! We have yet to change out the very old valence that came with the house & this post may just inspire to do so this weekend! Good luck with the house hunting!


as everyone else said, the curtains are really great. can’t believe you whipped those out for a “fun” project!

i noticed the short mention of your worry over layne changing schools.

i SO get that. we moved from alabama to indiana almost two years ago. my oldest was going to college, so no biggie for her. my youngest was entering 7th grade. major change.

both of my girls had gone to school at the same private, college prep school since they were 3 years old. we lived in my husband’s home town (only about 90 miles from mine). my husband had gone to school at the same college prep as my children…the girls had teachers who had actually taught their father WAY back in the day.

and, the middle school my youngest would attend is a large public school. 800 plus kids.

i was very, very worried. like waking up in the middle of the night imagining the worst, knowing that she would be in therapy for the rest of her life, mommy dearest stuff worred. we did not know one person in this town, much less any middle school aged children.

children really do adapt to anything. my daughter has a million friends, has maintained a high “a” average and was actually voted 7th grade (girl) student of the year last year.

layne will thrive.

best of luck!

nanne in indiana by way of alabama

p.s. i LOVE mrs. meyers cleaning products!


I love the kitchen, and the curtain print is so adorable.

[…] was inspired by a little something Dana over at House*Tweaking came up with.  She made these fun curtains for the same place in her kitchen.  It adds such […]

Hey Dana- I love what you’ve been doing on this blog. You’ve given me tons of inspiration for my kitchen. I attempted curtains because of this post. Thank you so much. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this page from my blog.

If you are curious to see how the curtains came out, check it out here:



Mindy – Those turned out so cute!!!


Thanks Dana for sharing the link with me. They look even better here. I took a sewing class a few years ago and didn’t do so well :( I may have to give it another shot.