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03.23.11 / Near & Far

Do any of you remember the Sesame Street skits with Grover painstakingly demonstrating the difference between ‘near’ and ‘far’?  I kind of feel like that’s what I might be doing here today.  So, if you wanna laugh, feel free.

If you haven’t heard by now {How couldn’t you?  I mention it daily.  Are you tired of it yet?}, we’re downsizing and trying our hand at selling our current home by owner.  As in, we’re not listing it with a realtor at this time, although we’re open to paying a buyer’s realtor commission.  A few things we’ve done to market our home is to pay for an MLS#, list on fsbo.com, and DIY a listing brochure. Each of these marketing strategies pack more punch when pictures are included.  So, I devoted an entire day a few weeks ago to taking pictures of our home to be included with all the listing info.

Some of you have asked for advice and info on selling your home…whether by owner or with a realtor.  And while I feel that offering up go-to advice would be premature at this point {our home hasn’t sold yet but we did sell our very first home by owner}, I would like to mention that taking pictures of interiors for selling purposes isn’t exactly the same as taking pictures for designing purposes.  Let me give you an example.

Here are a few vignette images of our bedroom that would be suitable for H*T.

And here are the ‘home for sale’ bedroom images.

In the listing images, I was more concerned with showing the size and layout of the room as opposed to the things in the room.  You can see that the room offers two large windows that let in lots of natural light, plenty of space for a sleeping area along with a sitting area, a vaulted ceiling and an on suite bathroom.  Those are the things I’m trying to sell, so that’s what I capitalized on in the images.

Now do you get the title of this post?

Is it overly apparent that I took that ‘Grover’ picture of myself after being outside *makeup-less* on a verrrry windy day and used a stack of cookbooks as my makeshift tripod?  {Notice how I’m explaining with my hands.}  Ok, good.  Because that’s soooo what I wasn’t going for.

Somebody buy my house before I make a fool out of myself.

Oh, wait.

images:  1) slightly altered image from MGTOW {which I do not read…just used their image}  2-6) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I must say that you’ve done a fantastic job at making the master bedroom look enormous, but still inviting. Good job, Grover! Oh, I mean Dana. :)


Ok. You win the Most-Hilarious-Post-of-the-Day Award. No kidding. You had me at Grover.
Thanks for making me smile!


Great pics! I took our listing photos, and took the extra time to straighten them so it doesn’t look like the world is tilting :). I also took pictures at the sunniest time of day for each room (east facing kitchen in the morning, west facing living room/sun room in the afternoon.


Love it! such a mom-of-young kids post. :) What’s funny (to me) is we (adults) can all relate to Sesame Street. My kids won’t even watch it, despite my love for it from childhood, because it’s a “baby show” (they are only 3 and 5 years old!)

Great pics, your master bedroom looks huge, and wind-blown or not, you look great!

Have to say that your home looks beautiful both near and far! Any buyer can see that! Are you going to include some of the up close pics? They’re just so lovely!!


Where did you get the patterned throw on the bed? I’ve been wanting to do gray and yellow in my bedroom but I just can’t find the right duvet cover.


hahaha i love this post. your grover pose is my favorite… (seriously, no makeup? you’re gorgeous lady!) and your house is too. i would so buy it.


Your home looks beautiful both near and far. And if that’s how you look on makeup-less days when it’s windy outside and you’re using my favorite tripod method (stacked books, brilliant!), I don’t think you’ve got a thing to worry about, you look beautiful! :-)


I think both your near AND far photos are lovely, but of course I understand why you’re showing the big picture to potential buyers. You’re selling the room, not the furnishings.


I drool over this room! You are an amazing stylist.


As a former Realtor, can I offer a little advice? Try bringing in an uplight (or tall lamp without the shade on it) to put behind or next to you (and out of camera view) as you take the pictures so you can make your room look lighter and brighter without having to only rely upon the windows. That also allows you to pick a time when the sun isn’t shining directly in the windows, which helps avoid the fuzzy window look. Using a flash helps sometimes too (not always, but usually) to eliminate window glare. Otherwise, your pictures showcase the size and layout perfectly! Good luck selling (I sold my house last fall ~ 90 days start to finish ~ woo hoo!). Hang in there, I know it is a painful process but you’ll get through it!


I am so in love with your house!! I’m sure this is a dumb question, but why have you chosen to leave things like the yellow barn door and chandelier fan that the common buyer might be turned off by? I personally love your style, but I always thought you had to make your house as commonly appeasing as possible…


Sorry if you’ve already answered this at some point…but where did you find your bedside tables in your Master Bedroom?


Wow! U took my breath away (or I could just be exhausted from bn 7.5 months preggos, ha) ur master is gorgeous n I’m dying for ur fandelier but the hubs wants nothing to do with it he things it’s to fru, fru. This is the look I dreamed of for my master (1/2 the size of yours) The whole grey walls, yellow pops, white plush bedding, rustic, modern, elements, a lil’ splash of glam and ofcourse who doesnt want a capiz chandie. I tried selling it to him but he only went for the grey walls (men, figures). I would buy ur house with everything in it, in a heart beat, if I could just figure out a way to hit the jack pot.


Tracy – One nightstand {Handy Hubby’s} is a Todd Oldham piece from La-Z-Boy and the other {mine} came from a store called K’s Merchandise back in IL. I don’t think K’s is around anymore. Both were meant to be used as living room side tables {HH’s actually matches our TV console in our family room}, but we needed nightstands so there you go. Something else to note is that they don’t match. They work because they have similar dimensions and colors. Different pieces can be used together as long as they are similar in some way{s}!


Valerie – So far, no one has even mentioned the barn door or the fandelier and we’ve gotten a lot of general comments about how much they like the house. We did include a clause in our sales contract stating that we would take the barn door with us only if the new owners didn’t want it to stay. We realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so we didn’t want it to be a deal breaker. As for the fandelier, it’s just secured with zip ties to the fan so it could be easily removed which we’ll be sure to mention to anyone that detests it.


Kelly – Thanks for the tip!


Rachel – It’s from IKEA!


I love love love your bedroom. I didn’t realize before (maybe because I was more into reading your post then the pictures) but you are really pretty and with out make up. As I tell my 1 year old daughter “Get it Girl.” You are really making big moves this year.

OMG your master bedroom is gorgeous!!! I love seeing the whole room, plus seeing your detail images. I would buy your house based on your bedroom alone. Lots of luck!!!


I rarely comment, but I love seeing the pictures of your entire room. So, so pretty! BTW, you are really pretty, too. I wish I looked that good with no make-up and windswept hair! Also, love the Grover reference as my now 12-year old daughter used to love those segments and would run from the back of the room to the front as Grover would say “near” and “far”.


Where did you get your area rug? Is it jute or just looks jute? I’m looking for something soft on the feet….and cheap.


I love the ‘fandelier’ piece. Where did you find it?


Heidi – All about the fandelier here…


Hope that helps you out!


Allison – Yep, jute! From Overstock.com You can find it here…


I LOVE IT! No wonder it has 5 stars. It’s thick, crazy soft, and, as far as jute rugs go, affordable…especially over on Overstock.com where you get $2.95 shipping and can use those 7% off coupons you get in the mail. So ours, was well below $250 {more like $225} for an 8’x10′ rug.


Everyone! – Aw, you guys know how to make a tired *makeup-less* Mama feel good! Thanks for all the kind comments.


Great pics and ideas. I have one question if you are willing to share- where did you get your bed? I know from reading the blog about your headboard, but love the bed frame itself.


I am a lover of white beds! kudos on the room. I am inheriting my mothers kig bed (we curently sleep on a queen 4 poster cherrywood that is sooooo high the dog cant even jump up on it (maybe a good thing). So I need a new bed. Where did you get yours????


Lorali – Our bed is from West Elm. After sleeping on our old bed/mattress combo for almost 10 years, we splurged on a new bed and mattress. Have slept like a baby ever since!


Katie – The bed itself is from West Elm. We love it! Simple and sturdy.


Love your room. Where did you get the barn door. So fabulous! Thanks!


Diane – It was a DIY project that Handy Hubby did himself. Read about it here…


…and here…


I love this room! It’s just so great. I’m linking over from Vintage Revivals where someone listed you as their favorite blog. I can see why! Enjoyed looking around.

Warmly, Michelle


Just wondering where you got the mirror? Its Gorgeous!


What color and what kind of paint did you use on your walls? I love that color!




I’m also very interested in hearing about the brands/colors of paint on the walls!! I love the darker wall, especially!


I would love to know what paint color and where you got them from!!!


Lighter walls are Valspar bonsai – swatches no longer available. The dark accent wall is Sherwin-Williams suitable brown.