...because home doesn't happen overnight.

That was the email message I received from Handy Hubby a few nights ago with these pics attached…

{Handy Hubby with his respirator on.}

My response?  “It looks so much better already!  You’re my hero.”

The matted, stained 1950’s carpet is gone, buh-bye, see ya later.  And, no, there weren’t any amazing hardwoods hidden beneath it.  Just a concrete slab.  Which we already knew.  Last night Handy Hubby tore out the kitchen cabinets and this weekend he’s working on the electrical box. I’d love to be by his side.  I’m not sure he feels the same way.  I know nothing about electricity.  I still don’t know what switches turn on what in our current house.  Luckily, for him, someone’s gotta watch the kids.

images:  Steve Miller a.k.a. “Handy Hubby”



The window in that room is fabulous and it does already look much better! How did HH learn this stuff, is it his trade?


Ooooh, I love a good demo! Can’t wait to see what ya’ll do! In the words of Carly Simon…An-ti-ci-pa-tion…. :) Lauren B.


J – Handy Hubby is an engineer by trade…so he likes figuring out how things work. You know, picking them apart and putting them back together just for the heck of it. This includes houses. You haven’t seen it in our current builder spec home, but our first home was a total fixer-upper and he did so much work on it. For example, he tore down a single stall garage and designed and built a 2.5-car garage in its place. He knows a lot and if he doesn’t know about something, he researches it like only an engineer can. He really is my hero!


HaHa…that picture is hilarious! I can’t stop looking at it :)

What a great husband! Although, that first picture was a little scary:) Progress is always good.


Ahhh, this is all too familiar! This is the first thing we did when we moved in to our new house! New floors made the house feel so much more clean! I love the mask pic! LOL!


I agree the house looks much better! Thanks for sharing…


Have you considered simply polishing/staining the concrete for your flooring? It wears like nothing else and looks GORGEOUS. Paired with large rugs it’s actually surprisingly cozy as well.

That does look better already!

I had my own respirator on tonight, for bathroom demo.