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Once a month, I like to share an inspiring paint color with you.  Well, really, I’d like to repaint my walls once a month just because there are so many great paint colors out there to try…but that’s not realistic now, is it?  So, instead, I’ll stick with sanity and simply talk about the colors of my painted rainbow here.  This month I’m all about Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green HC-158.

I’m normally drawn to light and airy backdrops, so this color is definitely off the beaten path for me. But I still think it’s great.  Newburg Green is a rich, deep teal that works well in different color schemes.  It’s moody but can be used like a neutral.  Without sufficient lighting and light furnishings, fabrics and/or accessories, it can steer towards dark and cave-like real quick.  Be warned!  Done right, it can take a plain Jane room to va-va-va-voom.

Take these guest house living quarters for example.  Paired with lots of white and cream, textured seagrass, rustic reclaimed wood, black gloss accents and a pop of orange, the feeling is cozy and fresh.  Notice all the natural light.

This L.A. guest room takes Newburg Green on a whole different spin.  With even more natural light {thanks to the region’s warm and sunny climate}, the hue comes across as blue-er and teal-er and doesn’t require as much white to brighten it up.  Instead, warm woods, hot pinks, deep plums, fresh chartreuse and shiny accents make for an inviting little jewel box of a room.  Take note of all the textures used to soften the feel of the colorful room.   There’s velvet, chenille and shaggy wool fabrics dressing the bed.  The tufting on the curvy side chair helps to soften things up too.

I’m not the first in blog land to take a liking to Newburg Green.  Apartment Therapy named this bedroom one of its Room for Color winners last November.  The owner used white bedding, woven ottomans, industrial lighting and burgundy accents in the masculine space.

Tamara over at Get It Girl Style used Newburg Green in her open living space to envelope the dining area.  Again, there are many lighter elements {tile flooring, dining chairs, trim, place settings} to counteract the rich walls.  A few pops of green and a woven veneer pendant work well against the moody backdrop.

I think Newburg Green would look splendid paired with denim, white and pops of orange in a modern nursery for a boy or even in an older boy’s room.  Throw in a few dark pieces like an espresso changing table or nightstand along with a rubbed bronze floor lamp to add sophistication.

Switch up the orange accents for pea green ones and the combo becomes a little beachy.  Still use it in a boy’s room or wander out to a young family room with it.  Fun!

Get all Nate Berkus like with a masculine color scheme of deep teal, warm white, gloss black and a camel tone.  Tone.  Not toe.  I could see this palette going over well in an office, study or den. Classic and timeless.  Just don’t forget good lighting!

How about throwing Newburg Green in with white, linen and doses of raspberry?  Bring in the raspberry with fresh flowers, artwork, pillows and printed fabrics.  This color combo could take a girl from crib to dorm just by mixing up the accessories.  Very fresh.

And no pictures of this one except in my head.  What if in an all white kitchen you painted an island in a glossy Newburg Green finish?  It’d be a happy surprise for sure.  Can you imagine white walls and cabinetry, mocha floors, stainless steel appliances and a shiny teal island in the center of it all? Possibly topped with a chunky wood top?  Mmmmm.  I’d also like to note that Newburg Green is a good option for builder, cookie cutter homes.  With the light cream carpet and white trim and white doors that seem to come standard in most of these homes, a rich teal could really cozy up an otherwise blah room.  Do you have any ideas for using a deep, moody teal somewhere in the home?

images:  1) Benjamin Moore 2 & 3) Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House 2009 4) Reed Davis for House Beautiful 5 & 6) Apartment Therapy 7) Get It Girl Style 8-11) Benjamin Moore paint collages by Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I was *this close* to painting my office Newburg Green last summer, but decided against it. Maybe I will paint it after all now that I’ve seen these pics! I love the color pairing suggestions – I’m on a big chartreuse kick so I’m leaning toward that pairing with green! Great post.


LOVE it! How do you think Newburg Green would pair with Edgecomb Gray? Maybe Newburg Green as an accent wall in a bedroom??? I love them BOTH. Decisions, decisions! Anyway, great hue!


I just did! On Friday I painted our family room Plumage by Martha Stewart! They were a soft gray before so it kind of takes some getting used too!


I just love the darker colors, especially for the bedroom. But you have to be so gutsy to do it. Maybe someday I will take the plunge!


Shayla – I actually paired Edgecomb Gray with a deep teal (Casco Bay) in my post on it. So, I definitely think it could work with Newburg Green!


I actually painted a room in Newburg Green last fall and I love it! It’s a wonderful moody color. Anyone who is on the fence about it, just go for it, it really is great :)


I love Tam Styles! I knew that photo was familiar. I’ m loving the Nate Berkus themed combo. Inky blue is great.

i love this color and have used it several times on pieces of furniture…. it looks awesome on classic dressers with antiqued brass pulls!!! i like to buy it in the aura because then it only takes 2 coats and goes on beautifully… it’s an awesome color!

This color is gorgeous!!! I could see this deep moody teal color in my sunroom actually. It’s all windows in there and everything is white right now. So it’s a blank canvas waiting to be painted something to cozy it up in there. I might have to get a test sample of this color. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)


Jen – I think a sunroom full of white would be a great place for Newburg Green! Add in some texture with a woven rug, baskets, pleated/ruffled/embroidered pillow covers and a fluffy throw and you’ve got yourself a room.


The name Benjamin Moore is popping up everywhere this week for me. What great colors. Is this the new “go to” paint? My neighbor gave me a short “lecture” why cheap paint is bad and how in the long run, you are really paying more if you buy the cheap stuff.
I’m inspired to look at new colors!

OMG! I am totally in LOVE with the dining room and the bedroom with the purple accents!!! Amazing!!!


What is a color match for Gentle Tide. Glidden is expensive and I dont need a whole gallon….I love your house it is beautiful.


I’m loving this teal. Very pretty!


Do you know where the prints in the second photo are from?


I painted exterior of house this color and still love it. It looks very colonial blue to me. I wanted my home to look like a country cottage and the sun really brings out the warm hue. I have creme shutters but looking for a new color to add warmth. I like the idea of natural linen and hemlock.


Jane, how is the color holding up to fading? Is your home shaded or more exposed?