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07.24.11 / Outsourced

The Inside Source is eBay’s digital style magazine.  It’s a curated collection of what’s hot in fashion, home and garden, and pop culture based on proprietary data provided by eBay.  In other words, they take all that stuff on eBay and show you how to use and enjoy it.

Imagine my surprise when one of the online magazine’s contributors asked me to participate in an article featuring items recycled and incorporated into interior design!  The article, Recycling: Not just for Empties, compiles a variety of reused items – from pallets to fish nets – and shows how they were reinterpreted as home decor.

{Love that pallet daybed!}

My church pew turned porch bench is featured in the article if you want to check it out…along with a bunch of other great ideas.  Words can’t describe how honored I am to be included in the round-up.  It has me itching to get back to DIY design after several months of focusing on the marketing and sale of our home by owner.  Handy Hubby and I just discussed a future DIY project that we have in store for the Underdog and I am super excited about it!  I’ll give you a hint…it involves the placement of our flatscreen TV.

Thanks for the mention, Marni!

images:  1-3) The Inside Source  4)  Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Congrats! It must be really fun to see your hard work showcased somewhere else. How exciting!


Just found your site and already love your story. Somehow it makes me feel not so alone, as I have been ‘house tweaking’ for a few years in Sao Paulo :) Best of luck with things and I loved your previous house!

congrats!!!!!!! That is so cool, and I didn’t even know that Ebay had a magazine! I’ll have to check it out! :)


i love your rug on the porch- where did you find it?


Sharon – The rug is actually 2 runners that I laid end to end to run the entire width of the porch. They’re from overstock and I love them!


Congrats. I had never heard of this publication, off to check it out and read your piece!


What brand/color of paint did you use on your pew? Thanks!