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05.15.12 / Recent Purchases

Moving day is quickly approaching so most of our recent purchases have to do with function. We need a few rooms to work for us right away. Decor and styling can wait.


recent purchases


1 – PAX BERGSBO This wardrobe is typically found in bedrooms acting as a freestanding closet. The Underdog is seriously lacking closet space so we purchased two of these to use in the mudroom for extra storage.

2 – Kashmir white granite We’re having the same company that installed the {Absolute Black} granite in our previous house install this granite along the perimeter of the Underdog’s kitchen. We considered butcher block, concrete and other solid surfaces for the perimeter but kept coming back to granite as we liked it so much in our last house. It’s a light gray granite with bits of black, garnet and gold mixed in.

3 – Walnut butcher block The kitchen island is getting topped with a walnut slab. We want the island to feel more like a table and gathering place than a food prep area so we like the idea of a wood top. To save money, we bought an unfinished slab that we’ll finish and install ourselves.

4 – Vigo stainless steel faucet We never regret spending a little extra money on a high quality kitchen faucet since it’s something we use many, many times on a daily basis. It makes the mundane feel less so.

5 – Kraus undermount single bowl sink Ditto – what I just said about the kitchen faucet. In addition, I like an extra deep, single bowl for washing up large pots, pans and the crockpot…things we use frequently.

6 – Liberty hook with porcelain knobs The master bathroom will be the only functioning bathroom we’ll have when we move into the Underdog so it needs a few finishing touches to make it work. We don’t have the wall space for a traditional towel bar so I picked up two of these hooks to hang our bath towels on.

7 – AKURUM LIDINGÖ Two of these cabinets in the 18″ x 39″ size are going in the laundry nook above the washer and dryer. I love the look of open shelving in a laundry area but we need some closed storage. I plan on pairing the cabinets with an open shelf or two as a compromise.

8 – Alexandria towel ring This towel ring is for the master bathroom. It has a touch of porcelain and should tie in nicely with the hooks in #6.

A few other items we’ve purchased in anticipation of moving that are worth mentioning {but not worth showing a picture of} are:

*Levolor room darkening shades for all the bedroom windows. I had them cut in-store to fit within the window frames. I’ll be adding other treatments to the windows in the future and these will remain to block out light.

*Shower caddy for the master bathroom…self-explanatory.

*Over-the-tank toilet paper holder for the master bathroom. It holds four rolls and, after I tried it out, I discovered it’s too big for our teeny bathroom. It won’t fit between the toilet and tub. I’m exchanging it for something else.

I think that’s it. I still haven’t nailed down lighting fixtures for the master or boys’ bedrooms. We might have lone lightbulbs in place until I make up my mind. Not the end of the world. I’d rather wait than hastily buy something that I don’t like later.

Alright gotta run, baby’s crying.

images: Polyvore collage by Dana Miller, linked within


love your countertop selections! I can’t wait to see it all together, as I’m sure you’re eager too!


I love your choices! It has a very calm feel to it. Are you planning n adding a pop of color to the room with art?


I recently chose a sink similar to Kraus (Kohler Vault) and I love it! It’s the first single bowl sink I’ve had, and I don’t know why they’re not more popular. You can put stuff in it while cooking, and still have room to actually use the sink!


Did you have any concerns with the Kashmir White looking to cream? I’m building a house also with white and black cabinets and was worried that the Kashmir White had too much cream in it, but maybe it was just the slabs I looked at. Thank you!!

Love the selection! I enjoy looking at all the pieces come together in these posts.

Really like those wardrobes… keeping an eye on your counter installation as well. That’s a great counter color and we need to remove our builder laminate eventually.. we’re leaning towards a light color at the moment. Love the sharp corner of that sink too! Nice picks!


I’m not sure if this would work for you, but in our small bathroom it was convenient to mount the t.p. holder on the wall directly across from the toilet. Works for lefties as well as righties.

I totally agree on purchasing quality faucets even if they’re costly. In our first house, the previous owner went cheap and that’s when we found our kitchen full of water when the seal broke. Not good. I also love single bowl sinks. We have so many large pans that the partitioned one was just too small.

I love the granite and the walnut. Your kitchen is going to be fabulous!


You have such flawless taste, Dana. Those countertops are stunning! I’m so rarely a fan of granite—and not because it isn’t the perfect functional kitchen topper—but because it can be so garish; I find that granite is more and more starting to *date* homes because of the intense styles people seem to choose. But this light, simple-yet-beautiful, beige/black/gold mix is timeless. Fantastic choice!

Now let’s see that finished kitchen already! ;)


They came to do the template for the countertops yesterday and the install should take place early next week. Kashmir white was out of stock at all the local warehouses, so they’re having one shipped in from Cleveland for us. We got to approve the slab via email pics. I’ll do a full write up on them after installation!


That is a great idea but I don’t think it’ll work for us. That’s where we have to enter/exit the tub/shower and I’m afraid the toilet paper roll would end up soaking wet. I definitely considered it though!


We actually considered a bright white solid surface from LG HiMacs but were worried that it would look too stark. HH and I both like modern designs but I wanted something a tad warmer. I like the fact that the granite has some warmth to it in the way of color variation. Plus, the striations and flecks should hide messes that I’m not able to wipe up right away ;)


Pops of color? Yes! I like it when food, flowers, linens and serving ware provide color in kitchens. Some wall art would be grand if I could find the perfect piece. Lots of time to add that stuff later…

hooray for single bowl sink. Purchased mine a few weeks ago in preparation for kitchen reno and can’t wait to have it all set up. In a about 3 months or so :) We’re DIYing ourselves and feel the paints of wait wait wait!


I am loving your selections. It will be beautiful. I can’t believe you have time to take care of the boys and your beautiful baby girl. Congratulations on welcoming Mabrey, BTW! You are truly an inspiration, and I wish you well. I look forward to seeing more.

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se


We have the same entry/exit for the tub, and have never had any problems with water getting on the roll. However, I don’t have much experience with kids using the bath. I look forward to hearing your solution, as I really need a different idea for my second bathroom.


Do you mind telling me the price per square foot for the unfinished butcher block? We were looking into the same for our Island…but the finished walnut we had priced came in the same price as a solid surface and the whole point was to save money!! Thanks…love love LOVE the Underdog. My fiance and I have stole that name b/c we too have ourselves an Underdog:)


Did you find a shower curtain and show bar as well? Your recent purchases all flow together so well. They are so soft and welcoming.


I love single bowl sinks! Very very practical and easier to work with for numerous reasons. Really like all your recent purchases. Also, there were far too many posts yesterday with the giveaway to say simply that you look fabulous! How could you possibly have had a baby a month and a half ago? However, I remember, breastfeeding and the continual running to and fro with young children as a definite and successful slimming technique. Also, those breastfeeding covers. Exquisite. What a brilliant idea. Don’t you just love innovation?


Thank you!! I agree, the variation in granite makes it much easier to hide messes. I also have Absolute Black granite now and am looking forward to something lighter that will hide even more messes :)


We just built a house about 8 months ago. We “downsized” from a two story to a ranch style home. It has been fun coming up with creative ways for storage, especially with 3 kids. We went with the single bowl sink (stainless apron style) in the kitch and we love it. I love your house selections and I am finding we have very similar taste :) We almost selected the same granite as you, but it was also out of stock. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Congratulations on the new addition! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the house evolves.

I love all of your choices! :) We used kashmire white granite in our kitchen reno too… and still love it! http://flutterflutter.ca/2012/01/11/a-little-more/


We chose the same sink for our kitchen-to-be, except it’s not under-mount. I love mood boards and I looove to see what becomes real from them ! Can’t wait to see what you cooked for your laundry nook … Take care !

So fun! I like your ikea closets that will be used for the mudroom and storage. We do not have a pantry in our kitchen and once we move some things around this might be the perfect thing for a pantry. Can’t wait to check it out next time I go to Ikea.


I love flowers in a kitchen! It sounds silly, but I can never have any. My cat also looooves fresh flowers – to eat! I can not wait to see the final project. Btw – the new blog design is amazing So clean and fresh like your interiors.

Great purchases! I love the Ikea Pax cabinet. I’ve been thinking of getting one for my closet.


We have Kashmir white granite and loooooooove it! Def. not too cream!


Your kitchen, well, living space in general is amazing!!! Love it! I’m your newest fan.


Shower rod – yes – a simple run-of-the-mill tension one. Shower curtain – not yet – probably just going with a plain white one for now and maybe I’ll switch it out later when I find a cute print.


I have a great tip for item #4 – Soap dispensers come with the tiniest bottle to hold the soap. I hate that we always run out! So, my HH bought some plastic tubing and connected one end to the soap pump and the other feeds into a big bottle of dish soap that hides in the cabinet under my sink. No we never run out!!


I love the wardrobe idea. I have been searching for a solution for our master bedroom. These are great beause they will look built in when fully installed. Yay and thanks! Oh! I cannot wait to see the house when you move in!


Neverending soap?! Ingenious! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing your tip. We bought the faucet for the faucet and that’s the only way it was available – with the soap dispenser. We’ve never had a soap dispenser installed in the countertop for the reason you just stated…always filling it up. I’ll have to mention this HH and give it a go!


I would definitely recommend using the soap dispenser. Keeps the countertops clear of clutter! I will send you a picture of what it looks like under the sink :)


Our last home had these counter tops…loved loved them. They do hide little messes; and so light, yet warm color. We also had a single bowl sink…loved it. Held lots of dirty dishes so you could keep counter tops cleared off; plus made washing large pots and pans a snap!