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It’s been over two months since I revealed our master bathroom makeover. {And now that I’m revisiting the post, I realized it was posted just three days before Mabrey was born!} Many of you were wondering what type of shower door or curtain we were going to utilize. After weighing the pros and cons, we went the curtain route.

FYI – It seems the only time I can find to take pictures now is during the early morning hours which don’t provide the best lighting. That’s why things may look a little different from the original makeover pics as they were taken in the afternoon sun.

Mainly for function. There wasn’t a good place to put a door. The shower faucet is on the right and the toilet is on the left. If we put the door opening on the right side then water from the shower head would spray out {we like to run the water for a few seconds to let it warm up before hopping in}. If we put the door on the left side then we would have to climb around the toilet to get in. Of course, there’s always the option of switching the shower plumbing to the left wall {where the back of the shower is now} but that would require re-plumbing the bathroom and we weren’t willing to pay for that just for a shower door. So, a curtain it is.

This seersucker-esque shower curtain to be exact. It’s extra long and extra wide. Originally, I thought I’d go for a big patterned curtain to liven things up but when I was standing in the little bathroom, I couldn’t imagine a big pattern in there. It would have overwhelmed the space. And I like bright white bathrooms.

The seersucker texture mimics the texture of the shiny shower tile.

I hung it from a tension rod at ceiling height. The long curtain and the tub-to-ceiling tile in the shower make the little room feel bigger.

A floor-to-ceiling shower curtain isn’t an earth-shattering idea in the design world but I think these double shower curtain rings are. Where have they been all my life?! And if you already knew about them, why didn’t you tell me?! It’s hard to tell from the picture but the shower curtain hook on the left is a bit higher than the liner hook on the right. This trick hides the liner nicely behind the curtain.

Speaking of the liner, I bought this fabric one. I love it. Being constructed of a waterproof fabric, it doesn’t have that plastic-y feel or odor to it.

It’s also extra long {since it’s hung at ceiling height as well} but not as long as the curtain so there’s no risk of tripping on it while showering. I’d like to say that I take the curtain and liner down weekly to wash them but that would be a lie. These babies have been up for nearly three weeks with no washings other than the first one right out of the package and they look just as bright and clean as the day I hung them. Which is pretty amazing considering this is the only functioning shower/bathtub we have right now. And there are two adults, two kids and one baby using the shower/tub regularly so it sees a lot of use. I’m really happy with how they’re holding up!

I had to hang our squeegee on the tub behind the liner because the hook wouldn’t suction to our textured shower tile. Surprisingly, I like the disguised placement better than on the shower wall. This way I’m not staring at a squeegee while I’m showering. {It makes for better bathroom photos on the blog as well!} I like happy surprises like that. What I am staring at is this…

I open the shower window any chance I get…during and after my showers. We’re lucky enough to have pretty thick tree and shrub coverage in the backyard so I don’t feel weird opening the window. Even without that, our neighbors to the back sit closer to the road than we do so there’s a good amount of land separating us. An open window in the shower is as close as I’ll ever get to an outdoor shower. There’s something about the cool, fresh air mixed with the smell of soap in the morning that wakes me up. It’s a great way to start my day.

I’m loving our new bath towel hooks too. We’ve always had towel bars in our previous homes. Due to the lack of wall space in this bathroom, we went with hooks. I had HH hang them staggered just outside the shower for easy reaching. His is the higher one and mine’s the lower one.

I prefer the aesthetic of the hooks as opposed to towel bars. HH complains that the towels don’t dry as well as with a bar so I’ve started turning our towels around the hooks at different points during the day. It’s not much to move them around when I’m in there to brush my teeth or use the restroom.

Like I said, this bathroom is the only bathroom for now. The kid/guest bath is gutted, patiently awaiting a makeover but we’ve got more pressing projects to complete before we can start on it. That’s okay. This one is working great for us.

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


Your bathroom looks so fresh and clean, just the way a bathroom should. In our first house, our bathrooms were also white and bright. This house, we’re more about modern/industrial finishes, pattern, and color. Here’s our main bathroom plan, when we actually finish it: http://ourhumbleabowedblog.com/2012/06/13/the-moody-blues/ Actually, now that I’m looking at it, the colors are similar to your blog design! :)

If you REALLY want a shower door instead of the curtain and letting the water warm up before hopping in is a challenge, I think there is something you can buy that provides instant hot water at the faucets, etc. I think it was designed to help conserve water by eliminating that wait ’til it warms up problem. I think they are called Hot Water Recirculation systems.


LOVE the shower curtain rings!! Will have to remember for my next bathroom that uses a curtain.


Very nice and fresh bathroom indeed ! Do you plan on adding any pop of color – bathmat or accessories ? Or wood ones to match the mirror ? Take care !


I love white bathrooms! Thanks for the review on that shower curtain liner (and the cool rings too). I’ve been thinking of trying a fabric liner to get rid of that vinyl smell.

We’re a one bathroom-family too and it works out just fine. :)


Awww, gorgeous! I love all the textures you integrated here. I am going live vicariously through you and close my eyes when I visit my own mater bath and pretend I am in a space as sublime as this. One day we’ll tackle it, and I will get such pleasure out of removing the disgusting beige vinyl tile and the deer-in-the-woods wallpaper border (I kid you not!)


I’m just curious. What did you decide on for a t.p. holder? Also, when and if you put in a door to the bath, an over-the-door towel rack may come in handy.

I love your bathroom! I would take baths every day! Also am I the only one who doesn’t use a squeegie in the shower?


Love your bathroom! So beautiful. Good call on the white curtain – I agree, a pattern would have been too much for this room. Sometimes simple is best!


I get the same comments from my boyfriend about towel hooks, however I prefer the way it looks over towel bars, so I too find myself turning them around. I don’t usually like a curtain as opposed to a door, but in this case it really softens the room. Very nice!


I love your bathroom! I was just thinking about those gorgeous textured tiles this morning – I want to do something similar in our shower because I love yours so much!


So pretty!! I love white in a bathroom and also much prefer curtains to doors – way more versatility and feels cleaner to me, anyway. Now, where did you get the extra long shower curtain AND those amazing double sided hooks. I’m already starting the car, just tell me which direction to go. Those are amazing!!!
PS – I’ve taken to using queen size duvets for shower curtains!?! I tried it one day and it worked. Very full and also long


we have a windowless bathroom (what is UP with that? The room that most needs ventilation, and our downstairs toilet is windowless, too), so despite having a towel bar we hang our towels in the bedroom. They dry much better with ventilation.


Purchased them through Amazon! No need to drive, just click through the links above.


No toilet paper holder yet. Just sitting it on the back of the toilet until we find something we like. I do plan to use the back of the bathroom door for storage!

I love those shower curtain hooks! I think the mirror is the real showstopper. I think keeping everything else simple really highlights it, too.


Those double shower curtain hooks are so cool! And fabric liners are wonderful. When I had a clawfoot tub, I used ONLY a white fabric liner, and I loved how sleek and easy to clean the whole setup was.


I love what you did with this bathroom…it’s so relaxing and peaceful.


i like those tiles, i didnt notice the tiles are some what shiny….whats it called?


When I went with a fabric liner, I decided that I would wash it once a month. Once a week would be good, but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that. So when the new month comes, I take down the liner, put up the spare (I bought two, because I also knew that I would find I couldn’t wash it that day, not take it down, and then it would slide longer and longer) and wash the first.
Great idea for the squeegee. I’m going to try that with my tub.


Capua Blanco. The link to them is in the post.


I also am slightly confused as to what the squeegee is for! I’d love to know if its to help clean the tub or what because anything that would make cleaning the bathroom easier is great in my book!


We’ve always had a squeegee in our showers/tubs to wipe down excess water after showering or bathing. It helps to keep the tile and tub cleaner longer and also to dry more quickly so we don’t have to run the ventilation fan more than necessary. It’s one of those things that seems like a pain to do at first but once you do it once or twice {and realize it only takes about 30 seconds} it becomes routine. It definitely helps lengthen the time in between more thorough cleanings!!


i love your blog and your honesty.

two things. did you know you can order your archer tub off amazon AND with FREE shipping? our home depot didn’t carry this tub and I just LOVED it SO MUCH! we are currently remodeling a home in denver, colorado ( an old colonial ) i loved the lines of this tub! Thank you for sharing!

2. What are your baseboards? I love the thickness as well as the simple lines.

I have two little ones and know exactly how torn you feel about blogging, mommy-hoos, and wife stuff. I feel ya girl.


Your entire bathroom looks fresh and clean! Hm, correct me if I’m wrong, but the only thing that is not white in your bathroom is the round mirror above your spotless countertop. Well, it actually complements the whole bathroom quite beautifully.


The penny tile is gray and the vanity is dark gray.


I know this post was from like forever ago but I was wondering how the white grout is holding up? We plan on doing subway tile (which I noticed you also plan on doing in the guest bath) but I’m thinking white grout can yellow/look dirty after awhile. Have you experienced that?


The white grout is still white! I clean it with water + Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose cleaner regularly (maybe once weekly or every other week). If things start looking really dingy I use a little CLR mixed with water…maybe once or twice a year.


Luuuuuuv your master bathroom! So much so, that we just bought the exact same tub for our bathroom overhaul :) since we tiled our surround as well I’m curious what brand your squeegee is/where it’s from? Thank you so much for all your awesome work and inspiration!


I think I just picked it up at Target or Kroger??