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08.10.12 / Recent Purchases

A few purchases to speak of:

recent purchases august

1 – Benjamin Moore Dark Pewter Call me crazy. Or insane. Cruel. Strange. Trendy. Whatever. I did it. I painted Mabrey’s room a deep, deep charcoal.  It’s definitely not a typical paint color for a girl’s nursery. HH says it’s black. He’s not sure about it but it’s growing on him. I love it. I’ve always wanted to paint a room a dark color but kept tapping out at the last minute because I was scared. Mostly about what other people would think. But this time around, I don’t care. I went for it.

2 – GULLIVER crib The one thing we had leftover from our boys’ baby stages was a crib. I didn’t really want to spend money on a crib because we already had one. But the old crib, with its tall height and curvy legs, was hogging up the entire nursery which is super teeny to begin with {not even 10’x10′}. When I saw IKEA had a simpler design for less than $100, I jumped on it. The white is a crisp contrast to the dark walls.

3 – Tripod floor lamp I’ve been searching for a tripod floor lamp for our family room. I’ve found a million that I love but can’t afford. Think 100’s of dollars. Just the other day I was at Target buying *only* wipes and dishwasher detergent when I came across this version for a mere $50. {Somehow my quest for wipes and dishwasher soap led me to the lighting section???} I snatched up the last one. I’ve yet to put it together. I figure it it’s too flimsy or too wobbly {which I’m guessing it might be because of the inexpensive price}, I can return it. We’ll see. Oh, and the shade is actually white not blue like the image portrays.

4 – Cradle chair Up until now I’ve been using a thrift store wing chair in Mabrey’s room for late night feedings. It’s a comfortable chair for sitting but it doesn’t rock and the curvy, tall design takes up a lot of space literally and visually – much like the old crib did. And since Mabrey shows no signs of sleeping through the night anytime soon {seriously?! What am I doing wrong this time around? Both my boys were sleeping through the night by four months of age.}, I decided I deserved a more baby-friendly chair at midnight…and 3:00 a.m….and 5:00 a.m. Everything I’ve read about cradle chairs indicates that they’re a hit with small children, so this chair will easily carry Mabrey through her preschool years too. I like that it has a small footprint so hopefully it will allow more room for traffic flow and floor play.

5 – Alpaca throw I purchased this throw through Novica for a product review. I’ve never owned anything made from alpaca wool before. It’s much softer than the usual sheep wool. The handmade quality of the blanket is top notch. No unraveling or tears to speak of. And I adore the pattern. The throw is a modest size which makes it great for kids. I keep it folded on the couch. HH doesn’t understand mine and Everett’s love of blankets even in the heat of summer. The throw does shed a bit which is typical of anything constructed from wool.

6 – Vilas nightstand I bought a pair of these nightstands for our master bedroom. I have been looking for years {not just since we moved} for affordable, design-worthy nightstands for our bedroom. HH and I have never had legit nightstands. In the past, we used mismatched end tables that had once resided in our living room. I wanted something with a midcentury modern vibe and an open shelf for books. {We both like to read in bed.} This is a purchase that I’ve just ordered and haven’t received yet. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

7 – Jute chenille herringbone rug This 5’x8′ rug is for the nursery. {Are you noticing a theme here? Yep. I’m working on the nursery this week and next!} With all the deep, dark charcoal going on the walls, I needed something light in color and heavy in texture on the floor to soften things up. Normally, this rug would be out of my price range but I had $125 in West Elm gift cards lying around waiting to be used. I only ended up spending $140 of my own money. Sadly, the rug is on backorder until the end of next week but I went ahead and placed my order so that it will ship as soon as it’s back in stock. Can hardly wait!

Like I said, I’m working on the nursery. I was asked to participate in Kirkland’s ‘Ace Your Space’ campaign and it was just the fire I needed under me to finally start decorating Mabrey’s room. Mabrey was only two months old when we moved and we didn’t find out her gender until she was born, so this nursery has been a long time coming! I understand why some people choose to learn their baby’s sex before birth {preparation!} but I don’t regret the surprise at all. So while other ‘Ace Your Space’ bloggers might be focusing on entryway organization or a mommy command center for back to school, I’m focusing on the nursery.

I’ll be back later today to take you on a virtual window shopping Kirkland’s trip. I was surprised by the great pieces and prices I found. I hadn’t been to a Kirkland’s in probably 15+ years but remember it being a little too country for my taste. I was happy to discover they’ve modernized their inventory since.

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images: polyvore collage by Dana Miller, images linked within



Good for you you went for the darker color for Mabrey’s room. Chezerby did the same for their nursery and it’s gorgeous ! By the way, I join the even-during-summertime-blanket-on-the-couch exclusive club … take care !


Love Chezerbey’s newest additions…baby and nursery!


I love all of the new purchases and I can’t wait to see the nursery – I love the idea of a dark color!


I was just looking at those Villas Nightstands a couple days ago. I love them and we desperately need real nightstands too. Can’t wait to read your feedback on how you like them.


We got our cradle chair 3 months ago and it’s wonderful. I’m still nursing my little guy (9 months old) and it’s incredibly comfortable and just the right size. It fits wonderfully in our little house. Love the dark paint too! I convinced my hubby to go for grey but couldn’t get him on board with anything that dark. I’m sure it looks amazing!!


btw, the instagram picture where Mabrey is reading the Ikea catalog cracks me up !


Someone just left me a blog comment letting me know you used the same color we just picked yesterday for our second nursery. Great minds think a like!

I also have a crib hand-me down crib, but we are also debating getting the Gulliver. A bargain at $100, but still seems like a waste because I have a free crib.



Love all the new things – and you just reminded me that I wanted to shop for paint on my (now very late) lunch break! Thank you!

Alpaca is a lovely warm fibre (warmer than sheep’s wool), and as an avid knitter (and total yarn snob), my guess is that your throw will eventually stop shedding. I knit an alpaca & silk shawl that left fuzz all over me the frst few times I wore it.


I think deep-colored walls for a baby nursery is a splendid idea – makes the space nice and dark for sleeping! Love the elements you chose to outfit the space.


Ha! I, too, couldn’t find any online images of Dark Pewter in vivo. But I love it. The room faces south so gets a lot of natural light all day. Dropping the $100 for the GULLIVER wasn’t easy but I’m so glad I did it. Our old crib took up so much space and had a totally different aesthetic {country?} plus it didn’t convert to a toddler bed. The GULLIVER does convert to a toddler bed, so I justify it saying we’ll use it longer than we would have used the old crib. Your ‘not mood board’ looks great!



Our nursery faces south (west) too.

The Gulliver converts to a toddler bed? You may have just sold me.


I just bought that same lamp at Target. It seems pretty sturdy; sturdy enough to be in the corner by my one year olds play center, at least!

I love the dark color. I can’t wait to see the whole room.


I love that night stand! I’m a sucker for that style of legs. Also, I think that color is great for the nursery! I’m sure everything is going to come together beautifully.


It’s all a bit trendy, but who cares?! I love it all, and probably still will years from now. Are classics trendy right now? Ha ha. Actually, some are! I must admit that the nursery I just finished for our very very soon to arrive lil girl is trendy… gray walls with handpainted white birch trees on one wall, white furniture, with pink and orange accent colors. I love that you chose pieces that dont scream nursery. Great job! I’m liking your choice of charcoal gray too. It’s not typical like the soft gray I used (we are renting), and I think its a neutral but still makes a big statement. I’m very excited to see it all pulled together.


LOL… I went black to for the downstairs room 5 years ago… AND I love it! I usually get tired of color and switch out every four or five years BUT I am still not tired of the black room (Only ONE ver long wall and the other three a mushroom color). I will always have a black wall in my house from now on… I love it!


I was wondering how comfortable you’re finding the rocker to be during those late night feedings. We’re expecting number 2, and while I have a nursery works sleepy time rocker, it’s just too big for our 8’x10 nursery.


We live in an old (ca. 1870) Victorian-ish house that we are restoring–slowly, very slowly. The living room, bedroom, and game room all open onto a huge central hallway. Hubby wanted to paint it Sherwin Williams Warm Stone. It is very like your charcoal. I was against it-with 12′ ceilings that would be a lot of gloomy dark paint, especially since there are glass transoms over each door. So, basically, you see gray all around you, inside each room and over the top. I was wrong–it’s gorgeous. Our color seems to change. Sometimes, it almost looks like a mossy dark brown, sometimes dovey gray, and sometimes charcoal, but it’s always a rich comfortable feel. Last year, I opened a home day care in the huge former play room. I planned to re-paint the walls into something more child-friendly, but the idea of seeing a light colored paint through that transom always stopped me. Now, I like it. The posters and drawings on the wall seem to pop out and get your attention much better than on a light wall. It may be non-traditional, but I like what it does in my room and plan to keep it. In a drafty old house, the warmth of the color feels right. So, I totally support your choice of nursery colors.


I have that chair, or at least one similar and LOVE it! I bet it will look great in a dark room!


I love where this is going! Our master bedroom has very dark walls and it is the most soothing space ever at night. Maybe charcoal walls will be just the kick Mabrey needs to start sleeping through the night! But if not, I love the cradle chair as well. Can’t wait to see the next steps of nursery planning!


Hello! Did you get your cradle chair yet? If so was wondering what you thought of it, the reviews are mixed. Still going to order it because I love the look!!!


Got it and LOVE it! It’s not an up-all-nighter, sleeping-in-the-recliner kind of chair but it’s great for us. Mabrey wakes 1-3 times a night {there’s no rhyme or reason to her wakings yet!} just to feed. I’m able to rock and nurse her in the cradle chair quickly without her waking completely. The seat is nice and wide to hold her across my lap yet still rest my arms on the sides. I’m petite {about 5’3″} and the chair fits me to T. I do keep a small pillow in the chair to support my back. I’d say if you are past feeding every 2-4 hours around the clock then this chair is great. I liked having a taller back {you can’t rest your head against the back as it only comes up to mid-back} and softer surface {the chair seat is molded plastic but rounded nicely} when Mabrey was literally up all night and I needed to doze while holding her.

The small footprint of this chair is great too. It’s slips in nicely into our teeny – not even 10’x10′ – nursery. Because it’s plastic, hairs that fall out of my head stick to the chair but that’s not really a big deal just something I’ve noticed. There’s no static so far but we are in the heat & humidity of summer here.

The other thing I really like about the chair is that I can see it working in any room of our house so we can move it around if we want. I’ve heard it’s a hit with small kiddos, so we’ll probably keep it in M’s room so she can try it out herself when she’s a bit bigger.

The design is great. Modern and sturdy. It was super easy to put together {I did have to email Amazon for instructions as they didn’t ship with the chair by mistake but I had instructions via email within minutes} with no tools – other than the little allen wrenches that it comes with – required. Hope that helps!


We have that same chair in our son’s room. It fits the room PERFECTLY but was not the ideal newborn chair. Sully was a super fussy baby so I spent many hours sitting in that chair and I figured out pretty quick that after only thirty minutes or so, my butt and legs would go numb. We got a cushier chair (it’s ugly but it is so nice on the rear) for my sake but plan on leaving the cradle chair in there permanently. He’s 20 months and loves climbing in and out. He’ll sit in there and “read” books to himself so it’s perfect for that.


Ah! My chair just arrived w/o assembly instructions & I’m having a hard time contacting amazon. Would you mind posting them? Many thanks!


Did you try emailing/contacting the vendor through amazon? That’s what I did and I literally had instructions within minutes. Sorry, I deleted the downloaded instructions after I put the chair together.


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