...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Currently, we’re living with one functional bathroom – the master bathroom. The other bathroom {the kid/guest bathroom} is completely gutted awaiting renovation. Hang in there lil’ bathroom! We’re coming to the rescue in a few months.

How are we making one bathroom work for our family of five? Easy.

1. We’ve given up on modesty.

2. We’ve perfected the bathroom shuffle.

3. We keep the vanity organized.

Numbers 1 & 2 are difficult to discuss online without being mistaken for an X-rated website. So I’ll skip right to #3.

Our vanity is IKEA’s GODMORGON in high gloss gray. I had wanted a floating vanity and HH wanted something with closed storage. This floating cabinet was the perfect compromise. With a little editing and organizing, we’ve made it functional for the entire family. When we moved in, I condensed our toiletries down to only the absolute necessities. I snapped some pics of the opened drawers and their contents, took a few measurements and made a quick trip to Target to pick up plastic caddies to organize the vanity.

The top drawer is divided into two sections.

The left side is all HH’s. {He doesn’t really use two toothbrushes. One is for cleaning his hair trimmer. We don’t dare put that one in our mouths.}

The right side is what I like to call the community section. Items here are used by more than one person. {Okay, I’m the only one who uses the eye makeup remover in the pink bottle and the Clarasonic Mia.}

The bottom drawer is divided into two sections as well with the left side being a smidge bigger than the right. {The vertical drawer dividers came with the vanity and are adjustable.} This drawer is a few inches deeper than the top drawer so it can house taller items.

The left {i.e., bigger} side is mine. It takes a little work to make me pretty, okay? The caddy I bought for my section was too long to fit all the way down into the drawer but it turned out to be a happy accident. It sits snug in the top half of the drawer, freeing up the bottom of the drawer for a hair dryer that I rarely use. Layne uses it more than I do. I think I’ve used it once since we moved in. In the middle section of the caddy is my hospital bracelet and Mabrey’s anklet from her birth nearly eight months ago. After we were discharged from the hospital, I snipped them off, threw them in with my toiletries and have kept them there ever since. I like seeing them in the morning and remembering her birth. It was a really wonderful experience. FYI – I’ve kept all of my kids’ birth ID anklets. Is that weird?

The right side of the bottom drawer is a catchall. I have backup rolls of toilet paper, sanitizing wipes for quick cleanings {because with two young boys and a bigger boy there are always messes in the bathroom, ifyaknowwhatimean} and chargers for HH’s electric razor and toothbrush. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably move the chargers up to HH’s section. Ahhhhhhh! I’m so Type A about these things. Reminds me of elementary school, organizing and reorganizing my school box. Whatever happened to school boxes anyways?

That’s how I stay somewhat sane in the bathroom with one husband, two boys and one baby. Thank goodness Mabrey doesn’t require toiletries yet. Hopefully, we finish the other bathroom before she starts into makeup and hair accessories. Which might be sooner rather than later. That girl’s got a headful of crazy hair!

I’m off to move HH’s chargers! And the answer is yes. Yes, I will sleep better knowing our toiletries are arranged properly.

P.S. – A few readers have asked for pictures of the vanity’s plumbing bits. Here you go. Damn. We in a tight spot. Name that movie.

Plumbing porn. De nada.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



O Brother, Where Art Thou. ;-)

Lovely vanity!


Only my fave movie. Of. All. Time.


You and I are like peas and carrots…Name that movie!

I am so anal about toiletries too. West Elm always has the best bags for this stuff too. They are cute and good for traveling. The one thing that ruins all my glorious, organized toiletries are HAIRS! My wonderful, hairy hubby trims his hair weekly and there are always strays left behind. I wish he could clean up outside! That would be the one thing that ruins my beautifully clean and organized bathroom :( is HH good at cleaning up after himself?


Love the organization posts! Until recently we were a family of four using one bathroom. When we moved into our house neither of our kids were potty trained so it wasn’t such a big deal but fast forward five years later and I was over it so we finally got around to semi finishing our basement. We still haven’t finished the shower but I am so thankful for the second toilet, I had forgotten what it was like to take a shower or use the uh…. facilities alone. I do have to say though that the second bathroom only gets used if the upstairs toilet is occupied so maybe we like all being scrunched into one super tiny bathroom.


I have always considered myself a wee bit type A…until now. It’s seriously embarrassing how much stuff I have in my vanity (two drawers and two shelves). I feel a date night with the bin and storage bins in my future. Luckily I’m watching Magic Mike tonight which I’m sure I’ll remember for all the great quotes and stuff…


Hey Dana, we are thinking about getting the same vanity/sink combo for our master bathroom! I love seeing how you organize it…do you keep anything on the sink besides soap? It seems like it boasts a lot of storage, which is great. Which size is yours, the 24″ or the 32″? Thanks :)


I have my son’s hospital ID bracelet from when he was born too :-) Not weird at all, or if it is, you aren’t alone in the weird.


I knew there was a reason I liked you (this blog)!


Our vanity is the 24″ size. The top is bare right now – save for a plastic pump bottle of soap – just because I don’t trust my boys with a prettier glass soap dispenser. Once they get their own bathroom, I’m replacing the dispenser and adding a vase of flowers! HH’s electric razor and its charging/cleaning stand sometimes make it onto the top of the vanity as well. I have plans to create storage for that so it’s still easily accessible and able to be plugged in but not so visible.


Um, yes and no. He cleans up after trimming {he shaves every morning and does routine trims as well and he’s HAIRY} but not to my liking. That’s partly why the wipes are in the bottom drawer. I usually wipe down the sink after he’s done before I wash my face. For some reason, if my bathroom is clean then I feel like I’m somewhat in control. The rest of the house can be a disaster. Luckily, the vanity doesn’t seem to let in a bunch of stray hairs {I hate that too!} but I will wipe the drawers out maybe once a week when I’m in there supervising the kids’ bath/shower time. Multitasking at its finest!

PS – Forrest Gump. That’s a good one.


Love the waste basket! Where’d you find it??


Thank you for using that quote – totally made my morning! That movie is one of our favorites, pretty much every single line is quotable. Because of that movie the word “obstacles” forever makes me giggle.


Oh Brother where art thou.

I think its neat you keep there anklets. My dd’s are adopted and we don’t have anything like that. Not to mention I am very sentimental.


Target! I’d been searching for one to ‘go’ with the wood mirror but most wouldn’t fit in the tiny space between the vanity and toilet. This one is perfect.


Dana, Can you tell me where you got that stool under your vanity. I need something just like that. Thanks! (Your organization continues to inspire me)


HOW. DO. YOU. DO. IT??!!
We are a family of 4 with two bathrooms and I cannot for the life of me keep drawers organized or the counters clutter-free. With a hairy husband and two children under six, I am swimming upstream in the tidiness/cleanliness department. I SO miss those days of order pre-kids.
I am so very impressed with how you pull off that level of organization and cleanliness.


Oh, it’s really old. Like 7 years old. I think I got it at Target?? The best part is that it’s hollow underneath so I can store extra rolls of toilet paper under there if I need to.


I think it is awesome that you kept your daughter’s hospital anklet where you see it everyday. I have all three of my kiddos anklets. Granted I have them in scrapbooks, but I have moved five times since I started having kids – five times in nine years – is that too many? Anyhow, love the organization and watching the progress on the house. I greatly appreciate all that you do and share! Happy Holidays!


I love the whole bathroom! Where is the mirror from?


Glad to hear you are surviving with one bathroom and your kids. Our bungalow only has one full bath and we said that is going to be the tough thing the day we have kids, plus it is a tiny bathroom. Only a pedestal sink no room for storage. Our neighbors informed us that a family with three kids grew up here so while it might not be fun we know it can be done. Plus I would rather travel the world then brush my teeth in a my own bathroom. Here is something we did to add storage that might work for you http://the2seasons.com/2012/11/12/bathroom-storage-just-like-marthas/


Beautifully organized! This might be a weird question but do you like your Clarisonic Mia? I asked for one for Christmas and was curious. It has great reviews but I don’t actually know anyone who has it.




Very clever storage solution for a small bathroom!


That was a score from Home Emporium near Cincy. They have such a great, always changing inventory.


your humor has me laughing coffee out of my nose. “plumbing porn” is what did it. not really….but seriously laughing out loud. by myself. :) i’m not type A so i desperately need your organizational ideas. my husband thanks you. have a good day, dana! and keep up the good work.


“This place is a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere.” <3 that movie!

We have the same vanity in our lower level bath — albeit a different finish and a slightly wider version. I need to head to Target pronto for your awesome acrylic dividers. We've been needing something like that to help organize the drawers.

My hubby and brother installed the vanity/sink/faucet over last Christmas break, and while they gave it their very best shot, the unique Ikea drain assembly gave them a few troubles. I don't think they quite got the overflow drain apparatus connected correctly, as whenever I overfill it, the items in the lower drawer get a bit damp.

One question I have for you about the sink — do you ever have any trouble pulling up the drain plug? I use the sink to hand wash delicate clothes (since we don't have a laundry sink and this bathroom is adjacent to the laundry room) and I often struggle to pull the drain plug when the soapy water makes everything slippery. Wondered if it was just me…


Ahhhhh – another one of my favorite quotes from that movie! I recite them to HH often ;)

We actually aren’t able to open/close the drain stopper right now. We don’t think it has anything to do with the sink though. It’s like there’s something gritty stuck in the drain or something. We’re guessing it’s from 1) HH’s hairs from shaving OR 2) some stray plumber’s putty. HH has stopped rinsing his hairs down the drain – which you shouldn’t do anyway – but we haven’t had a chance to investigate further. Luckily, we just use the sink for hand/face washing and brushing teeth.



We are installing the Godmorgon in our washroom and love how you installed it.

What height is the top of the sink? Also, what is the height between the bottom of the vanity and the floor?


From floor to top of sink is ~35″. From floor to bottom of vanity is ~10″.


Hi! I realize this comment is years after your original post, but I’ve been catching up on your blog and checking out all your bathroom posts for inspiration! I adore everything about your master bath and loved seeing how you organized the vanity! We’re considering this vanity, however in the 47″ size with 4 drawers (we have a long, narrow bathroom). Do you happen to know how deep the drawers are? I can seem to find that dimension anywhere! I’m hoping my bottle of contact solution will fit standing up! :) Thanks!


In our vanity, each drawer is ~13″ from front to back in the interior and ~9″ deep in the interior. However, the bottom drawer’s sides and divider are taller so it makes the drawer feel deeper and can handle taller items. Hope that helps!


Just curious….did you get the faucet at IKEA? I’ve been looking at this model myself.


Yes, the faucet is from Ikea!


Our godmorgan sink has the same problem. I think it’s probably just poor quality. We have tried a million things to unstick it/clean it/ lubricate it…so far nothing has worked…I found this blog post looking for solutions to the problem. Right now I’m searching online for rubber stoppers to replace the ones that do not work (we have double bowls)


Thank you for the detailed post about this vanity. It seems so practical for storage. I’ll be able to fit the larger 32″ version which will have even more space than yours! I feel so spoiled now. :)